State Lines & New Door Codes Won't Stop Matt Fraser's Mother From Showing Up to His House Unannounced

The Meet the Frasers star thought a move from Massachusetts to Rhode Island would slow mom's roll a little bit. But that's clearly not the case in this clip from Monday's premiere.

By Emily Mae Czachor Jan 09, 2020 2:00 PMTags
Watch: Showing Up Unannounced Irks Psychic

Distance is no match for Angela Fraser!

Matt Fraser's mother might reside in a different state, but 50 miles and an ever-changing door code have little bearing on her surprise house visits, which happen "at least once a day."

"When I moved out of my parents' house in Boston, I set up a boundary so that this way Angela Fraser couldn't just show up unannounced. It's called the state line," cracks her 28-year-old son—having relocated to Cranston, Rhode Island, with girlfriend Alexa Papigiotis some time ago—in this hilarious clip from Monday's Meet the Frasers series premiere (pro tip for those itching for a first look: though Jan. 13 technically marks its official debut, the new E! series' first two episodes are already available to watch in full on VOD, TVE, YouTube and

As a seasoned psychic medium with professional credentials to boot, Matt's communication skills are out of this world—literally. But all the correspondence in the universe isn't enough to get through to Angela, who continues to turn up on his doorstep with admirable consistency and no advanced notice to speak of. 

"Matt, let me in! It's your mother," she calls from outside, while her eldest takes his sweet time moseying on over to the  home's entryway. Motioning to a tupperware cradled in one hand, the lovably kooky Fraser matriarch (a psychic medium herself with an enthusiastic dedication to family) tries again. "I've got food for you!"

"I don't understand how you're here right now," Matt says, likening Angela to "frickin' Houdini" in a confessional interview with Alexa moments later, since "I don't know when my mother's going to appear."

For Papigiotis' thoughts on Angela's reappearing act, check out the full clip above!