Lea Michele and BFF Jonathan Groff Turn Their Embarrassing Moments Into A Song, Of Course

Lea Michele and Jonathan Groff turned their embarrassing moments into a dramatic song during their Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon visit. Even host Jimmy Fallon joined in!

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Lea Michele, Jonathan Groff, Tonight Show Andrew Lipovsky/NBC

That's what friends are for!

On Monday, Lea Michele and Jonathan Groff proved their BFF status with a hilarious musical moment on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. The fellow Glee alums treated audience members to an impromptu performance for the show's "Don't Know When To Come Out" segment, where they detailed their fears of being show business outcasts through song after making a bad judgement call.

It all started when Lea walked on stage before her cue looking for the Wi-Fi password, interrupting host Jimmy Fallon's monologue in the process. After realizing her mistake, a dramatic spotlight cast upon her and she began to sing, "What have I done? What was I thinking? I wanted Wi-Fi, so I went out on stage. I'm such a fool. I'm out of the business. Yes, it's time to part ways. I'm out of the business. Guess I'll have to do…plays. I'm out of the business."

While trying to reassure Lea that she won't be "out of the business," Jonathan emerged from backstage looking for the bathroom. Piecing together that he also interfered with Jimmy's taping, the Frozen 2 star broke into a similar tune.

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"What have I done?" he sang. "What was I thinking? Nature called, so I answered. And nobody will answer my calls. I'm out of the business. No more champagne. No more cigars. I'm out of the business. Guess I'll go on Dancing with the Stars. I'm out of the business!"

Tired of the interruptions and the dramatic singing, Jimmy tried his best to put an end to Lea and Jonathan's anxiety-riddled performances. "Neither of you are out of the business!" he told the BFFs. "It's all fine. Can you please go and wait until it's your turn to come out?"

Ashamed of his outburst, Jimmy chimed in with a rendition of his own. He belted, "What have I done? What was I thinking? I was rude to my guests. I was rude to my guests, that's not how a host should behave. I'm out of the business. What have I done? I'm out of the business."

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Hoping that a visit from his 8-year-old self would cheer him up, Jimmy was instead met with some rather unsettling news from the surprising guest. "You're out of the business," his younger self sang. "It's time to leave Hollywood. I get to host now. My dad said I could."

After their entrance blunder, Lea and Jonathan reunited on stage to perform their duet "I'll Be Home for Christmas," which is featured on the Scream Queens star's new Christmas album Christmas in the City.

Jonathan isn't the only Glee star to appear on the album. Darren Criss also joins Lea for a rendition of "White Christmas."

Watch Lea and Jonathan profess their fears of being out of the business and perform their festive duet in the videos above!

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