Pregnant Jamie Otis Shares "Super Scary" News About Possible Sign of Cancer

Married at First Sight's Jamie Otis took to Instagram on Thursday to give her fans an update on her health.

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Jamie Otis is giving her fans an update on her health. 

The reality star, who is pregnant, shared the news via Instagram on Thursday and posted a few photos of herself smiling alongside her husband Dough Hehner and their daughter Henley Grace.

"I have a rainbow baby in my arms and a rainbow baby in my belly," she captioned the sweet snapshots. "I've never felt more *BLESSED*!"

The 33-year-old celebrity then wrote about her recent doctor's visit. 

"In other news, I went to the doc and heard my pap was bad and I have HPV," she continued in the post. "Although it sounds like an STD and I should freak the F out, I know this is somewhat common and not to be overly worried about. I was scheduled to have a colposcopy just to take a better look at the skin cells in my vagina. Also, not really a big deal as long as the doc doesn't see dysplasia...if she does then it could be a sign of early cancer."

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The TV personality "didn't know whether to worry or not" at first.

"Buuut, I got the call today saying that my doc did see dysplasia and since I'm pregnant we will have to wait to biopsy my cervix until after I have the baby," she added. "My head's been all over the place. Thoughts go from 'I'm sure I'm fine. I had this with Gracie too.' But then I can't help but wonder, What if?!'"

Ultimately, Otis explained she'll "just have to wait" until after the baby arrives to "really know what's going on" inside of her body. Still, she claimed she was "putting the positive vibes out there," praying and "being so THANKFUL" for her health.

"I couldn't help but think about all the women who are pregnant and find out super scary news like they actually do have cancer or a fatal disease and they're left with the tough decision: Treat yourself while pregnant to save your life but risk losing the baby OR take your chances and postpone treatment to save your baby," she wrote. "I cannot even imagine having to make that decision. My heart goes out to those mamas. If you're one of them, I'm sending you SO MUCH LOVE."

Otis also documented her doctor's visit in a YouTube video.

Otis and Hehner announced her pregnancy in September. The happy couple then shared the child's sex in November. The proud parents are planning on welcoming a baby boy.

The two met on Married at First Sight season one.

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Watch the YouTube video to see Otis talk about her appointment.