Married at First Sight's Jamie Otis Announces Early Pregnancy After Miscarriages

She and Doug Hehner are expecting their second child, who will join 2-year-old daughter Henley Grace.

By Corinne Heller Sep 07, 2019 3:24 PMTags
Jamie Otis, Doug Hehner, Pregnant, SonogramInstagram / Jamie Otis

Married at First Sight and The Bachelor alum Jamie Otis is pregnant with her rainbow baby, and while it's early days, she is "cautiously optimistic."

The 33-year-old reality star announced on Friday night on her and husband Doug Hehner's podcast, Hot Marriage. Cool Parents, that they are expecting their second child again. She also revealed on Instagram that she is at least four weeks along—the earliest a pregnancy can be detected on a blood test—and included photos of her and her spouse holding a sonogram, which shows what appears to be the beginning of a gestational sac.

"We went to the fertility specialist and found out WE ARE PREGNANT!!!" she wrote. "I cannot even believe it!...after 18 long, painful months, two losses and negative after negative on the pregnancy tests we are *finally* pregnant again! Of course I am being cautiously optimistic, but I have a feeling this little one is going to stick."

"The only thing is, yesterday the nurse called and said my blood work came back a bit different than anticipated," she said. "Based on my last period, I should be about 4 weeks along. The blood work to support this would look like this: progesterone 8-10 & HCG 50-300. My blood work came back like this: progesterone 51 & HCG 1,441 !!! This means that I'm either further along OR I could potentially have TWINS! (They said it's most likely I'm further along but I would absolutely love twins!)."

Otis and Hehner's new addition would join their 2-year-old daughter Henley Grace

In 2016, Otis became pregnant but suffered a stillbirth of their son in her second trimester. Exactly a year ago, she had a chemical pregnancy, or very early miscarriage detected days after conception. In January, she revealed that she suffered a 10-week miscarriage. Many fans reached out to Otis to show support after she posted online about her losses.

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"Thank you, thank you, *THANK YOU!* for all the encouragement, love, & prayers. IT WORKED! WE ARE FINALLY PREGNANT !!!!!" she wrote in her post on Saturday. "And before I end this looong caption, I just want to say this: if you're reading this & are currently in the process of #ttc - oh mama, my heart hurts for you. I know the instant internal pain that comes from another's pregnancy announcement - even if you are or at least want to be - happy for the lucky couple. I just want you to know that your rainbow will come too. The storm cant stay forever. Hold onto hope! I am thinking of you!"

Instagram / Jamie Otis

On their podcast, Otis said, "I cannot believe it. We are..."

"Pregnant!" Hehner completed her sentence.


"I can't even believe it. I'm obviously a little in denial because we have been trying for so long, literally 18 months," Otis said. "I wasn't even due to get my period until yesterday." 

Hehner said he hoped they have a boy.

Otis said she doesn't "feel pregnant" yet.

"But we are indeed pregnant," she said. "And I'm just like praying praying praying this baby will stick stick stick."