John Cena Peed A Little After Hearing Bindi Irwin’s Wild Adventures

John Cena couldn't handle hearing about Bindi Irwin's wild crocodile wrangling adventures during an interview on A Little Late With Lilly Singh. Watch the hilarious moment here.

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Bindi Irwin, John Cena, Lilly Singh Scott Angelheart/NBC

Bindi Irwin's wildlife stories aren't for the faint of heart—including John Cena!

On Wednesday, the duo stopped by A Little Late with Lilly Singh where Bindi recalled a high-stakes encounter with a crocodile from an upcoming episode of Crikey! It's the Irwins. After watching a clip of the 21-year-old, her brother Robert Irwin and mom Terri Irwin wrangling the ferocious reptile in order to transport it, John and host Lilly Singh couldn't keep their cool.

Trying her best to remain calm, Lilly said, "Wait. You know, honestly, when I walk into my house and there's a spider, I'll move." For his part, the wrestling pro didn't even hide the fact that he was scared: "Can I just say that I've been in a WWE ring for two decades and I just kinda peed myself a little bit."

Breaking down the technique for John and Lilly, Bindi explained how she and the rest of the Irwins were trying to help the crocodile in the long run.

Bindi and Terri Irwin Honor Steve Irwin's Legacy

"This is actually the safest for the croc," the newly-engaged star said, noting that her late father Steve Irwin actually invented it. "It looks a little wild, but thankfully, Dad designed it so no one got hurt."

Despite his initial reaction, Bindi told the "Playing with Fire" star that he'd actually be one of the best people for the job.

Jokingly considering taking the wildlife expert up her proposal, John ultimately made the right call. "You know what?" he said. "I'm not gonna do that. Your sales pitch seems convincing."

To lighten the mood, Bindi surprised John and Lilly with a trio of adorable puppies.

Watch the group play with their new furry friends in the video above!

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