Why Kerry Washington Hilariously Keeps Getting Texts Meant for Kanye West

Kerry Washington admitted that she sometimes gets texts meant for Kanye West during her visit to Jimmy Kimmel Live on Monday. Find out why here.

By emily belfiore Nov 12, 2019 5:57 PMTags
Kerry Washington, Kanye WestGary Gershoff/Getty Images, Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images

New phone, who's this?

Kerry Washington has revealed that she receives texts that are meant for Kanye West! During her visit to Jimmy Kimmel Live on Monday night, the Scandal actress explained that she and the "Follow God" rapper share some mutual friends, and those pals tend to mix up the stars in their phones.

"We are friendly," Kerry told host Jimmy Kimmel. "We have a lot of friends in common. We're not really friends, but we have a lot of friends in common. And, actually, about once a year…I think a lot of people have us programmed in their phones as KW. So, I'll get a text, like once a year where I'm like, 'That is not for me.'"

Despite only being an acquaintance to the rapper, Kerry scored a mention in his 2018 song "All Mine"—which Jimmy graciously read some bars from.

"If I pull up with a Kerry Washington / That's gon' be an enormous scandal," the late-night host said, realizing that his delivery wasn't as good as Kanye's. "Why does it sound so bad when I say it?"

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Kerry, like the rest of us, only found out about the honorable mention after the song had dropped. "I woke up that morning and my phone was, like, vibrating," she recalled. "I did not get a heads up." 

Staying on the topic of Kanye, the duo also discussed his Sunday Services.

Kerry has yet to attend one of his popular services, but would gladly go if the opportunity presented itself. "I would love to go," she said. "Shout out to Kanye."

Find out if Kerry will be voting for Kanye in 2020 and if she's open to a Scandal reboot in the video above!