Idina Menzel Is Finally Calling In a Favor From John Travolta After That Adele Dazeem Mishap

Frozen 2's Idina Menzel may finally call in a favor from John Travolta five years after he accidentally referred to her as Adele Dazeem. Find out what she's asking for in the video below!

By Jamie Blynn Nov 08, 2019 2:44 PMTags
Idina Menzel, John Travolta Shutterstock

This is one joke we'll never let go.

While sitting down with her Frozen 2 co-stars Kristen BellJonathan Groff and Josh Gad on Thursday's Jimmy Kimmel LiveIdina Menzel admitted she's having serious trouble figuring out just who should present at her upcoming Hollywood Walk of Fame ceremony.

"I don't have a lot of celebrity friends that are closest friends that I feel like bothering," the actress, who voices Elsa in the anticipated Disney sequel, admitted. "I started to get really desperate and I said to my publicist, 'You know, John Travolta owes me a favor.'" (Refresher: At the 2014 Oscars, in a moment that started a million memes, the actor accidentally referred to Menzel as "Adele Dazeem" while introducing her performance of "Let It Go.")

"I never called in that favor," Menzel continued. "He apologized to me years and was like, 'Anything you need...' and I never called it in."

Which, of course, prompted a Bell—she was hysterically laughing—to plead that her friend finally take him up on on the offer. "You have to do that," the Good Place actress begged.  "You absolutely have to ask him."

Alas, Menzel isn't on board with the idea. "He doesn't even know my name!" she quipped. "How does he know what I did to get here?"

Eh, semantics.

No, these days, she's much more focused on scoring her son Walker's approval than cashing in on anything from Travolta. "I just want him to see that mommy's cool just for once," she joked of her 10-year-old, who she shares with ex Taye Diggs. "I'm hoping one day he hears the music and he doesn't tell me to shut up."

She's making slow but steady progress.

"He was in a music class and the teacher asked everybody who their favorite singer was and he actually raised his hand and said his mom," she recalled to host Jimmy Kimmel. "But he didn't tell me that. his teachers told me that."

One day, he'll come around! One day!