The Instagram bug is spreading all over Hollywood!

Jennifer Anistonshocked the world last month when she joined the social media site. And, weeks later, her move was quickly followed by Matthew McConaughey. Now, it appears that Jen has inspired her Morning Show co-star Steve Carell to create an account. At least, if Ellen DeGeneres gets her way.

"You're not on Instagram," the daytime host pointed out on Thursday's The Ellen DeGeneres Show.  "And I think you should be. I think people—you're very funny...You could post pictures of yourself with a dog head and a blender. There are so many different things we'd like to see."

Still, The Office alum wasn't convinced. Yet. But, he did admit he thinks it would be a success. "I think people are really excited and interested in seeing what I do," he said with just the tiniest hint of sarcasm. "My life is so intriguing."

Ellen, of course, didn't drop the subject until she got a yes from Steve. "What else are you going to do?" she asked. To which he responded, "Well, I could read a book, I suppose. Interact with humans…I'll do Instagram then. Yeah, maybe I'll give it a shot."

And now, she's set on having him beat Jen's record-breaking debut. "Try to get to a million [followers] faster," Ellen suggested. "You show that Jennifer Aniston something."

Like Steve, the actress also needed some serious convincing before she finally joined the site. In fact, as it turns out, she tested the waters with a secret account before making her grand entrance. 

"Well, it was a stalker account, yes," Jen admitted on Jimmy Kimmel Live. "When I was thinking about doing this, I sort of figured it was time to kind of understand the world and dip my toe into the sort of social media pool."

So perhaps Steve is out there lurking too.

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