Lori Loughlin ''Is a Wreck'' as She Awaits Trial in College Admissions Scandal

Meanwhile, Felicity Huffman remains in prison

By Cydney Contreras Oct 23, 2019 8:23 PMTags
Watch: Lori Loughlin Faces New Charges in College Scandal

As parents like Felicity Huffman begin to make amends for their part in the controversy, Lori Loughlin continues to await trial for the college admission scandal.

According to a source, the ordeal, which began in March, is creating much stress for the actress and her husband, Mossimo Giannulli, especially with Tuesday's announcement that they'd be facing new charges. "They were told that more charges would be coming, but now they fear the prosecution's strategy is to keep coming up with more," the insider explains. "They are the examples and the scapegoats in this case and they are feeling a tremendous amount of pressure."

Unlike the other parents involved in the scandal, Lori and Mossimo opted to reject the plea deal offered by prosecutors, a move the source says they are starting to regret. The source shares, "Lori and Mossimo never wanted to accept a plea that involved jail time, but they are starting to feel their backs are against the wall and that its becoming too much."

The insider adds, "They are feeling extremely stressed out."

Lori is perhaps taking it the hardest, with the insider sharing that she "is a wreck behind closed doors." The source says, "She is not sleeping at all. There is so much tension that she could break at any moment."

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That tension is only compounded by the fear that "charges could keep mounting up," according to the insider. "It's becoming a real challenge to stay strong."

Nonetheless, the insider reveals their legal team "feels they have a fair shot at trial" and continue to prepare for their day in court.

Meanwhile, Felicity is due to complete her 14 days in prison on Oct. 27. After her release she will continue to serve supervised release for a year and 250 hours of community service, in addition to paying a $30,000 fine.