Watch Courteney Cox Grill Charlie Puth in an Epic Game of Friends Trivia

Not even Monica Gellar could get some of these questions right.

By emily belfiore Oct 17, 2019 6:59 PMTags
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Think you're the ultimate Friends fan? Well, Charlie Puth has you beat.

The singer had his Friends knowledge put to the test with in an epic trivia game with none other than Monica Gellar herself, Courteney Cox. Settled on a replica of the iconic orange couch, Puth was quizzed in three rounds of trivia about the beloved '90s sitcom.

Without breaking a sweat, he knew the name of Joey's stuffed penguin, who Rachel dated in high school the reason, why Phoebe's boyfriend moved to Minsk and if Chandler had really entered a Vanilla Ice look-alike contest.

It's safe to say she'd give him a resounding seven, seven, seven for his answers! As Cox praised, "You're awesome!"

Alas, the Friends fanatic did stumble over one major question: What was Monica's biggest pet peeve? Though he thought it was when someone didn't "clean up or something," he was quickly corrected.

"That's too obvious," Cox quipped. "It's animals dressed as humans!" Of course.

But, as it turns out, Cox was even stumped when it came to recalling some minute details.  "What does Rachel dress up as to get Joshua's attention at Emily's going away party?" she asked. "Who's Joshua?!"

Puth was, naturally, unimpressed. 

"Joshua was… really?" he said. "Joshua was Rachel's boyfriend!"

Pivot, pivot, pivot to the video above and see how you compare in the video above!