Sonya Deville Reflects on "Surreal" Journey As She Leads WWE's First-Ever Pride Float

By Emily Mae Czachor Oct 10, 2019 2:00 PMTags
Watch: Sonya Deville Flies Her Rainbow Flag With Pride Float

Sonya Deville is out and proud! But it hasn't always been this way.

The WWE trailblazer celebrates herself and her identity in this happy clip from Tuesday's new Total Divas, which finds the athlete surrounded by loved ones on a namesake float in Ft. Lauderdale's Pride Parade—the first of its kind devised in partnership with the wrestling organization. 

And as excited as she is to dance the afternoon away alongside family, friends and colleagues (Divas co-star Carmella and new-ish girlfriend Arianna are both in attendance), Sonya takes a minute beforehand to acknowledge how far she's come to get here.

"Three years ago today, I wasn't even openly gay. And nobody except for my mom and my dad knew," she says, leading a toast from atop the glittery black-and-rainbow patterned float—designed in Sonya's image by her entourage, who teamed up to decorate while she recovered from last episode's shoulder injury—ahead of the day's festivities.

Meet Sonya Deville the First Openly Gay Female in WWE

"So, to be here on a float that has my name on it with my best friends, my girlfriend, my family, celebrating the fact that I'm gay, is surreal. Thank you guys so much, and I love you all," she finishes, emphasizing her gratitude for their support during a confessional in which she very sincerely tells the camera, "I'm just feeling really touched right now."

See Sonya's Pride flag fly (literally!) in the clip above!