How the All American Fandom Has Grown Since Season 1

Daniel Ezra and Taye Diggs talk interacting with new fans of the CW drama

By Lauren Piester Oct 07, 2019 10:29 PMTags
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For Daniel Ezra, life has changed over the past year as All American has gotten more and more popular. 

For Taye Diggs, not much has changed. He was already a pretty big deal. 

E! News sat down with the costars earlier this summer to talk about the return of the CW drama, which follows Spencer (Ezra), a high school football player who constantly has to choose between life in South Crenshaw or Beverly Hills. Thanks to The CW's deal with Netflix, which allows shows to go up in full a week after the end of every season, All American grew a legion of new fans over the summer, which Ezra noticed when he got back to New York. 

"I tried to walk down Times Square to go to Target, because I forgot my headphones, and that was crazy. I was like, whoa," Ezra told us. "That was like my first realization." 

Diggs' tale was much different.


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"I've been famous for quite some time now," he said. "So i'm used to it. But it's great to see the young bucks going through it. 'Cause I was already a big deal, so..."

"And humble too!" Ezra added. 

Taye Diggs may already be very famous, but he has still noticed more people talking to him about the show, and it's a fandom that crosses all lines. 

"Race, sex, monetary...I was in the Netherlands and people had seen it and were commenting. Little Korean's a trip. So whatever Netflix did, it's working, because it's really getting all different types of people into it," he said. 

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Season two finds Spencer in the middle of making a huge decision: Does he stay at Beverly Hills High, where he just led the team to a championship win, or does he follow his dad, who's now the head coach at South Crenshaw? 

You'll find out what Spencer's thinking in tonight's premiere, at 8 p.m. on The CW.