2019 Fall TV Preview: Everything You Need to Know About Your Favorite Shows

As ABC, NBC, The CW, CBS, and Fox bring us new seasons of our returning faves, we've got you covered on what to expect

By Lauren Piester, Chris Harnick Sep 11, 2019 8:00 PMTags
2019 Fall TV PreviewABC; NBC; CBS; FOX; The CW/E! Illustration

It's time to accept the fact that summer is almost over, and so is all your primetime free time. 

The big five networks are about to launch their fall shows in the next couple of weeks, meaning we finally get resolutions to so many cliffhangers and answers to so many questions and all our friends are back in our lives again. Will Meredith Grey go to jail? Is Jughead Jones alive? Why is Ziva David back? Will Lena and Kara's friendship survive? 

All those questions and more are addressed here, thanks to a compilation of exclusive statements, premiere descriptions, and some intriguing new pictures. 

2019 Fall TV Preview Extravaganza: Everything You Need to Know

Below, you'll find scoop for a handful of returning shows. If you click right here on our full gallery, you can get scoop for all of the fall shows on ABC, NBC, The CW, Fox, and CBS. It's a plethora of info! 


Stephen Amell Says Felicity Is at Forefront of Oliver's Mind

We've also got you covered on the full fall premiere date schedule, and a rundown of days and times that each show will air each week over the season. 

Stay tuned for all the scoop on the new shows as well, which you can get a taste of with our new show gallery. 

And if you're still not feeling prepared for fall TV, then we suggest a nap. We always suggest a nap. 

All American (Monday, Oct. 7 on The CW)

What's a football star to do? Spencer (Daniel Ezra) has to choose between staying in Beverly Hills or following his dad back to South Crenshaw. Plus, Billy (Taye Diggs) appears to have just quit teaching at Beverly, and he might be the father of Spencer's little brother.

"It gets really wild, and we go to some pretty dark places, which is what I was looking forward to," Ezra told us of the season to come.

Get a better look at season two with our exclusive trailer

Arrow (Tuesday, Oct. 15 on The CW)

All you have to do is look at this photo of Oliver (Stephen Amell) and Tommy (Colin Donnell) to know that some crazy things are going down in this 10-episode final season, after Oliver took off with the Monitor. Even Moira Queen is back!

Amell tells us that "every episode is kind of an event," and that while this year's epic crossover officially starts in episode eight of Arrow, it really started in the season seven finale.

Black-ish (Tuesday, Sept. 24 on ABC)

After a summer of change (including the birth of a spinoff), the Johnsons have a new engagement to deal with when Pops (Laurence Fishburne) reveals he's getting married. Junior also has a new job doing social media for Migos and honestly the kids in this family are way too cool. Anthony Anderson says the season is "funny, exciting, and dramatic," and says there will be "a lot" of crossover with Grown-ish this season. Not so much with Mixed-ish, but maaaaybe we could see young Dre someday. 

The Blacklist (Friday, Oct. 4 on NBC)

We last saw Red (James Spader) meet up with the legendary and presumed dead Katarina Rostova (Laila Robbins) before she kissed him, sedated him, and left him on the ground to be picked up by a mysterious van.

"The season ended last year in crisis, and the season opens this year in even worse crisis," Spader says (in a sneak peek coming soon to E! News). Katarina's here and she's changing everything.  

Chicago PD (Wednesday, Sept. 25 on NBC)

Suspicions turn to Voight and tensions rise in the Intelligence Unit after Kelton's murder. "With the Intelligence team down a couple of members, we have the opportunity to shuffle some of the usual partnerships around and I think viewers will enjoy the new dynamic," Rick Eid told us. "This season we also welcome a talented roster of reoccurring guest stars in the first few episodes, including Paul Adelstein, Lisseth Chavez and Michael Beach."

The Flash (Tuesday, Oct. 8 on The CW)

New showrunner Eric Wallace tells us the premiere picks up "mere seconds" after Barry and Iris lost Nora, leaving them to deal with a new disaster while they're still mourning. "As season six continues, this leads to an even larger dilemma for Barry. Because he'll also have the threat of the approaching Crisis on Infinite Earths looming over him while he attempts to take down this year's big villain, a dark foe who is his most terrifying adversary yet." 

The Good Place (Thursday, Sept. 26 on NBC)

All good things must come to an end, and what an end we're in for. D'Arcy Carden calls it "an adventure of a season" on the way to the end, with lots of romance, according to William Jackson Harper. Eleanor's now in charge of the Good Place experiment, Chidi's memory of their entire love story is now wiped, and the new residents are not going to be easy to turn into good people. "This is really [Eleanor] putting everything on the line and saying I gotta step up and be a leader here and make this experiment work," Kristen Bell tells us. 

Grey's Anatomy (Thursday, Sept. 26 on ABC)

Showrunner Krista Vernoff describes the changes made at the end of last season as "pretty radical," and she says the same of their effects in season 16, with Meredith, Richard, and Alex fired, and Meredith facing charges of insurance fraud. The premiere will span four weeks, but Vernoff describes this as a season of consequences that will play out long past that premiere. Oh, and be worried for every. single. couple. 

How to Get Away With Murder (Thursday, September 26 on ABC)

In the final season of How to Get Away With Murder, everybody's crimes are going to have to catch up to them. There may or may not be a coffin involved, and the premiere is titled "Say Goodbye." 

Check back on E! News for a sneak peek of the final season on Thursday! 

Law & Order: SVU (Thursday, Sept. 26 on NBC)

History in the making! SVU becomes the longest-running primetime drama and returning showrunner Warren Leight said season 21 will be full of change, just like an adult turning 21. Expect changes in the squad room, some famous faces as new and returning guest stars and yes, eventually resolution to lingering plot threads.

NCIS (Tuesday, Sept. 24 on CBS)

Ziva's back, with a grave warning for Gibbs, leading him to question why she stayed underground for all these years. "We are kicking off season 17 with two huge episodes with lots at stake physically and emotionally for Gibbs and Ziva." NCIS showrunners Steven D. Binder and Frank Cardea told E! News.

NCIS: Los Angeles (Sunday, Sept. 29 on CBS)

"The season 11 premiere starts immediately where the cliffhanger ended last season…," NCIS: Los Angeles showrunner R. Scott Gemmill told E! News. "Throughout the episode, circumstances will bring our team and those working with them closer and closer in proximity until ultimately they are all together. This includes a face to face reunion between Mac and Harm."

NCIS: New Orleans( Tuesday, Sept. 24 on CBS)

"In our season premiere, Pride will suffer from insomnia and nightmares as a result of being kidnapped and drugged at the end of last season," NCIS: NOLA showrunners Christopher Silber and Jan Nash said. "The nightmares will eventually lead Pride to a long buried secret: one that lies at the heart of his desire to help others, no matter what the cost."

New Amsterdam (Tuesday, Sept. 24 on NBC)

"We're not gonna mess around. Who died? We know we've kept you in suspense," showrunner David Schulner said. "We know you have theories. We're going to start answering your burning questions in the first few frames of the show. Buckle up 'cause it's gonna be a ride!"

Plus, expect Max's cancer to take a surprising turn, new characters and romances.

The Resident (Tuesday, Sept. 24 on Fox)

EP Todd Harthan gave us all the goods: A giant corporation takes over Chastain, Dr. Bell is struggling, Nic and Conrad go up against new profit-loving star neurosurgeon, Dr. Cain (Morris Chestnut), Dr. Austin is juggling his families and his connection to Dr. Oakfur, former Intern Devon now gets his own intern and a love interest. Plus, expect to very quickly find out the fate of Nic's family.

Riverdale (Wednesday, Oct. 9 on The CW)

Riverdale's premiere will be dedicated to Luke Perry and his character, Fred Andrews, as the show finally addresses Perry's death, which happened in March with three episodes of season three left to film. Shannen Doherty guest stars in the episode, and you can expect some seriously heavy emotion, for the actors and the characters.  

Don't, however, expect to get all the answers about that spring break flashforward, other than the fact that Jughead is MISSING in the trailer we debuted exclusively.

Superstore (Thursday, Sept. 26 on NBC)

The Cloud 9 team is doing what they can to help Mateo after he was detained by ICE, but more challenges are coming. "Cloud 9 corporate is still busily trying to crush the store's union efforts, a robot janitor sparks worries about widespread store automation, plus they're dealing with a new district manager (guest star Justina Machado)," Gabe Miller and Jonathan Green said. "Oh, and the slow death of brick and mortar in the face of online retail. Welcome to Cloud 9.0!"

Supergirl (Sunday, Oct. 6 on The CW)

Showrunners Robert Rovner and Jessica Queller tell us this is Supergirl's "Black Mirror season."

"We will be exploring how technology is changing the fabric of human life as people hide behind their devices and escape into virtual worlds rather than facing issues head on," they said, and we can't forget about Lena, who just discovered Kara's identity. "The journey of whether their friendship can recover will be compelling and emotional."

Plus, Julie Gonzalo and Staz Nair join the show. (Also, Supergirl has pants now!)

Supernatural (Thursday, Oct. 10 on The CW)

The Winchesters are back for one last ride, and they're inviting back faces from their past after the finale revived old foes and turned God into the big bad. Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles confirmed to us that anybody could come back, and Misha Collins said the season will have "a lot of energy and its own arc," while also being poignant and cathartic. "We are fighting God, and we are fighting ourselves," he said. And we're already crying. 

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