Meghan Trainor Reveals Exactly How Many Kids She and Daryl Sabara Want

By Pamela Avila Oct 07, 2019 9:15 PMTags

Meghan Trainer is ready for her little family to grow—by three, specifically. 

The 25-year-old singer appeared on E!'s Daily Pop to talk about her new song, "Wave," but to also let us know that she's ready to have triplets. 

When discussing what she's most looking forward to in 2020, Trainor said she's excited about having the opportunity to travel more with her husband, 27-year-old Daryl Sabara. The pop star is ready for them to "travel the world" before they can settle down and "make a bunch of babies." 

But how many is a bunch, you ask? 

"I want triplets!," Trainor said. "I want to get it all done at one time and be like, pop them in there. You know what I'm saying? Let's knock it out. Let's do it at once. You and me. I want twins or triplets. I want a doctor to put them in, you know?"

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When asked if her husband and Spy Kids actor or maybe her mother were pushing for Trainor to start a family, the "All About That Bass" singer said no one was pressuring her at all. In fact, she explained, "My mom is like, 'Please don't.' She's like, 'Wait, we're doing so good in this career!'" 

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During her interview on Daily Pop, Trainor also discussed her new song. 

She admitted that "Wave" isn't about her husband but rather someone she was dating previously and that while it's "deep," it's also a "pop bop." 

"I wrote it so long ago, about this dude that I was kind of seeing but he didn't want it to be a real relationship," she said. "Then I wrote this song as a ballad the day after my second album came out and then I kept it this whole time."

That is until producer Mike Sabath—who's also featured on the new song—turned into an upbeat banger. 

"I found my soulmate and I'm so happy," Trainor explained. "And I'm glad that [other] guy didn't lead me on anymore."

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