Here's How to Live a Hot Girl Summer All Year Round Like Megan Thee Stallion

The rapper dishes on the movement she helped inspire.

By Samantha Schnurr, Amanda Williams Aug 07, 2019 9:24 PMTags

According to Megan Thee Stallion, she's having the best hot girl summer. 

The rapper who helped inspire and define the now-viral catchphrase is embodying the essence of the movement. "I think Megan Thee Stallion is having just the best hot girl summer right now," she told E! News. "I mean she's just so amazing. She just does what she wants to do, and she just parties with everyone. She encourages the girls to be their best selves and live their best lives and just having a good-ass time this summer."

It's a way of life that fans and fellow celebrities have embraced this summer, Miley Cyrus being one of them. "I'm really surprised that Miley Cyrus is having this much of a hot girl summer," Megan told E! News. "She shocked me. I was like, 'Ok!'"

So, how does one join in? "Your actions make you a 'hot girl.' You have to be someone who is like energetic, the life of the party, just really nice, you know what I'm saying?" she told us. "You have to be able to put that confidence in other people and get along with all the girls and just like have a good time. Just unapologetically you. You just have to be lit."

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Fortunately, hot girl summer does not expire after Labor Day. "We're taking this hot girl summer into the winter. We don't care. Just put on a jacket," she assured. As the hot girl seasons change, Megan is "probably going to park my boat a little bit," she said. "I'm going to give my liver a break. You kind of hibernate in the winter. Go to work. "

She also has an upcoming anthem to keep the hot girl vibe going as the temperature drops.

The rapper's new track, aptly titled "Hot Girl Summer" drops on Friday and features Ty Dolla $ign and Nicki Minaj. "Nicki is so sweet. We went live together, and then literally that night, she did her verse, and they sent it to me the next day and I was like, This is joke. Like ya'll are playing with me right now. I can't believe Nicki Minaj just laid her verse down on my track," she recalled. "Me and Ty already had the song, and then she just put her little Minaj flavor on there and boom! Now it's hot girl summer."

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While she described Minaj as like a "big sister," the rapper also rebuffed any assumptions that she's picked a side between Nicki and Cardi B.

"I really, really, really like both of them," Megan said on E!'s Daily Pop. "They're two different people, two different rappers. It's not even the same." 

She continued, "I feel like we need to stop trying to compare them...I love both of them, so I would definitely like to collaborate with Cardi, too."

Add Rihanna and fellow Texas native Beyoncé to her list. 

"I love Beyoncé. We're both from Houston and she's just amazing," the rapper told E! News. "She's like the hardest working woman ever. I'm like taking notes from her."

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