Bachelor in Paradise's Kendall Long Reflects on Her Big Year of Milestones With Joe Amabile

Reality TV stars are weeks away from celebrating their one-year anniversary

By Mike Vulpo Aug 06, 2019 10:00 AMTags
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Time flies when you're having fun—and totally in love.

Bachelor Nation's Kendall Long and Joe Amabile are the first to admit that their relationship isn't exactly conventional. After all, not every couple finds love on national TV and is faced with engagement talk in a matter of weeks.

But as the couple's unofficial one-year anniversary approaches, it's hard not to celebrate all the milestones these two have reached such as moving in together.

"It's been really good," Kendall shared with E! News exclusively at ALT 98.7's Summer Camp presented by Subaru. "We're working together to get our best style together. Mine's art deco and his is French and we're coming together. We might get a puppy too."

She added, "Joe and I have been living together basically since we met and we also went on tour together [for Dancing With the Stars]. When we were inside of a bus in tiny rooms we were fine so I feel like if we can survive that, we can do anything."

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In the past year alone, the couple has also enjoyed unforgettable trips across the country and around the world. For Kendall, one vacation that was a step above the rest was their first trip to Europe.


"I absolutely loved going to Amsterdam and we waited in line for way too long for cookies," Kendall joked. "Our Europe trip is definitely something I'll remember because it was the first time we traveled abroad together. That was the most fun."

For those curious about an engagement, the former Bachelor contestant assures fans that there is no trouble in paradise. Instead, the couple is just enjoying quality time together and not putting a timeline on anything.

"I don't think I have a rush but whenever it's right, it's right. We talk about engagement. Engagement has been part of our entire relationship so we're very comfortable with it," she shared. "We're excited to find a time that works for both of us."

Until then, Kendall is excited to work on a new podcast while Joe continues to expand Frown Clothing. The pair will be in Las Vegas later this month as they mark one year together.

And while the elaborate Bachelor Nation style dates may have ended, the couple's love story is just beginning.

"I love that we can just be immature and silly and fun," Kendall shared. "We always tend to turn anything that can be serious and turn it into a joke. We keep everything light-hearted and it's refreshing."

Bachelor in Paradise's two-night premiere continues tonight at 8 p.m. only on ABC.