Watch Christy Carlson Romano Return to the Moon 17 Years After Even Stevens Performance

In honor of the historic event's 50th anniversary, the Disney star remade the epic scene on her YouTube channel

By Jamie Blynn Jul 17, 2019 7:52 PMTags

This is so out of this world, we can't help but feel over the moon.

On an upcoming episode of her YouTube series, Christy's Kitchen ThrowbackChristy Carlson Romano enlists her Even Stevens co-stars Lauren Frost and George Anthony Bell—Ruby Mendel and Principal Wexler, respectively—to recreate the educational, iconic, childhood defining performance of "We Went to the Moon."

ICYMI (but, how could you?), we'll jog your memory: In the 2002 episode of the Disney hit, "Influenza: The Musical," Christy's perfectionist Ren Stevens catches, gasp, the flu. Alas, to maintain her perfect attendance record, she sneaks out of the house and goes to school. Cut to science class, where, in a fever dream, she realizes she forgot to prepare a major presentation worth a majority of her grade. The horror!

So, on the fly, she bursts into song, enlightening the class about the 1969 moon landing. The catchy tune quickly became a cult classic. Even Cardi B knows it by heart!

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And now, in honor of the 50th anniversary of said historic event, Christy is making our dreams come true by honoring another significant moment and remaking our favorite scene.

In E! News' exclusive peek of the nostalgia inducing episode, she dons a coral and lavender outfit nearly identical to Ren's and parades about the classroom—er, her living room—educating us all on when we went to the moon.

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"That's when the astronauts first walked inside a crater," she belts out. "We went to the moon in 1969, not 1970 but a year sooner. We went to the moon in 1969, that's when we made a landing that was lunar."

Per the epic song, the trip wasn't easy and, wow, the moon is not made of cheese. Entertaining and informational! 

We dare you not to get the ditty stuck in your head after watching the clip above. The full episode of Christy's Kitchen Throwback will be available on YouTube on Thursday, July 18 at 10 a.m. PT.