Revenge Body Trainer Simone De La Rue Has the Perfect Core Workout for New Moms Everywhere

By Alyssa Ray Jul 05, 2019 7:34 PMTags

Simone De La Rue can relate to Revenge Body boss Khloe Kardashian's post-pregnancy weight loss journey.

The celebrity trainer stopped by Daily Pop today and shared some wise words about losing weight after giving birth. Being a new mom herself, the Kardashian-approved trainer knows how hard it can be to bounce back.

"It's very difficult and I want to teach moms that you have to be kind to yourself," the fitness guru shared with Erin Lim and Justin Sylvester. "Every pregnancy is different. Every body is different."

Although Simone worked out throughout her entire pregnancy—she even walked herself to the hospital—De La Rue knows that plan isn't for everyone. Even though Simone touted the health benefits of working out while pregnant, she noted that new moms should take their time when heading back to the gym.

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"So, it's really important to try and do exercises to learn to reconnect to your core again," Simone wisely noted. "That's the one thing that moms always ask me."

After warming up with some TVA breathing, Simone taught the Daily Pop co-hosts the "dead bug" workout and broke a sweat with some heel slides.

Thankfully, fans can experience all of this and more through De La Rue's "Body By Simone" app and prenatal DVD.

"But, as always, yummy mummies out there make sure that you get clearance from your doctor," Simone urged. "It's very important before you start any exercise."

As for Simone's thoughts on Khloe's post-baby body? The exercise expert said it's all about "hard work."

"She's got a trainer, she's got a chef, she's got a nanny. All the wonderful things that help," Simone concluded. "But, obviously, it's just hard work and persistence. And taking the time and energy to take care of yourself."

For more of Simone's wise words, be sure to tune in to the Revenge Body With Khloe Kardashian season 3 premiere this Sunday.

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