Maren Morris Reflects on Her Health and Fitness Journey—and How She Came Out Stronger Than Ever

"The Middle" star opens up about her experience to Women's Health

By Elyse Dupre May 21, 2019 3:26 PMTags
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Maren Morris is loving the skin she's in.

In a new interview with Women's Health released Tuesday, the Grammy winner reflected on her health and fitness journey and how she came out stronger than ever before. 

Back in March, Morris drew a bit of criticism after she shared a picture of herself from "5 years and 20 lbs ago" in San Francisco. 

"You were already so small," wrote one social media user. "Now I know you are selling out your mind, buying into a false need to lose weight that made you healthier. Bad choice here."

However, "The Middle" star quickly shut the critic down. 

"Uh, chill. I lost weight because I exercise now and didn't back then, which is a completely normal and healthy lifestyle change," she clapped back.

Still, Morris' experience has been an evolution.

"After taking that picture, I went through this horrible breakup, and I lost so much weight," she told the magazine. "I didn't look at my body like it was healthy—when you're going through emotional turmoil, it's hard to eat. That was a wake-up call: I need to address my mental and physical health."

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It wasn't until Morris started finding joy through her work that she was able to make a change.

"I put weight back on when I started really laying into my career and tour—things that brought me happiness," she said.


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Then, before tying the knot with Ryan Hurd in 2018, Morris decided to work with a personal trainer to feel stronger than ever.

"I had always worked out really intermittently and done yoga and hot yoga but had never really used a trainer before and I really wanted to get toned," she said. "I didn't necessarily want to lose weight. I just wanted to feel strong. So, I definitely do feel strong now, which is nice."

The singer lost 20 pounds. Today, she continues to work with her trainer and eat healthy foods. For breakfast, she eats three egg whites and spinach cooked in olive oil and wheat toast. She also enjoys salads with protein for lunch.

To hear more about her experience, check out the June issue of Women's Health.