Tyler Henry Gets His Mind Read for Once During the Hollywood Medium Season Finale

The young clairvoyant has always wondered about the biological makeup of his brain. He finally sits down with a neurologist for some tests in this clip from Thursday's episode.

By Emily Mae Czachor Apr 12, 2019 3:00 PMTags
Watch: Dr. Drew Wants to Know What's Going on in Tyler Henry's Head

It's no secret Tyler Henry has a gift for getting inside other peoples' heads. But ever wonder what's happening inside his own?

Dr. Drew Pinsky certainly does. The celebrity doctor—who was seriously impressed by the clairvoyant's abilities when they first met for a reading two years ago—is looking for answers to that particular question in this clip from Thursday's season finale of Hollywood Medium With Tyler Henry.

"I'm really excited about today," Tyler tells his mom at the clip's start. She's driving him over to the Peak Brain Institute, where Dr. Drew has arranged for a comprehensive roster of neurological tests. "Ever since I met with Dr. Drew, I was curious—as was he—about what's going on scientifically with my brain," the 23-year-old medium explains, adding that the experience should be "really fascinating" since he's never done anything like this before, despite the fact that he's wanted to for more than a decade.

"I'm really just curious to see if there's any changes that go on during a reading, like, in my brain," he continues. "I know that I get physical effects, I sweat, I feel overwhelmed physically. I'll get pressures and pains. I'll be curious to see if there's any neurological component to it."

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When Tyler arrives at the Peak Institute, he meets Dr. Andrew Hill, a leading neuroscientist and—according to Dr. Drew—the "perfect guy to do this."

Do what, exactly? First, the neuro team hooks Tyler up to several machines meant to "map" his brain and gauge baseline attentiveness when he's not communicating with the hereafter. During Thursday's finale episode, they'll repeat those tests while he's in the midst of reading a mystery client selected by Dr. Drew himself.

"Tyler has no idea who he's reading today. But I've asked a friend of mine who himself has an interesting brain, both by virtue of what he's done to it and preexisting," he tells the camera. "And he's a skeptic."

Learn more about Tyler's preliminary neuro exams in the clip above!