Tyler Henry is ending the season with a bang! 

The young medium may have found his most skeptic client yet in the latest episode—Dr. Drew Pinsky. The celeb doctor is known for his practical and levelheaded advice, which means believing in psychic abilities is definitely not in his wheelhouse. But in this sneak peek clip from Wednesday night's season finale, Tyler may have made him a believer. 

While channeling the spirit of Dr. Drew's deceased father, Tyler gets some information about another member of his family. "There is a male with a D name that I have to highlight. Male, D name. Male, D name. So who is the male with the D name?" Tyler asks.

"Related to triplets?" Dr. Drew asks. "Yes, we have one of those," Susan Pinsky explains, referring to the couple's triplet children. "Douglas," Dr. Drew confirms. "Do you know who had to get the neurosurgery?" Tyler asks. "It was a child with a brain procedure on the head that went fine."

"Douglas had one. Our son Douglas had surgery," Dr. Drew explains to Tyler. "This is exceptional." Tyler then picks up on a special connection between Douglas and Dr. Drew's late father. 

"Of the three, your father kind of exclusively connects to Doug very, very closely," Tyler shared. "Douglas was aware of that too when my dad died. It was mostly built around some illnesses that Douglas had that bonded their relationship," Dr. Drew revealed. "My father was really looking after and helping him with it."

"Right. Because they had a very special connection and there is a feeling that I'm still watching over him," Tyler explains. "I've heard that from Douglas' point of view but I'd never heard that from his," Dr. Drew says in the clip. "But it was nice to hear it about the connection to Douglas. There is so much to be relieved about."

Meanwhile, Dr. Drew dropped by the Daily Pop earlier this week to share his thoughts about the experience. "I'm still a skeptic and Tyler knows it! We kidded a lot about it," Dr. Drew shared. "There is something there and we haven't figured out what that is yet. That's all I'm saying." 

"My wife has lots of friends that are psychics and I study them too and I'm trying to figure out what they're doing," Dr. Drew explained. They all kind of do the same thing, it's something of an extraordinary intuitive nature, and what it is I don't know, but he came up with so many specific things it was extraordinary."

Catch the shocking reveal in the clip above! 

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