Find Out Why Heidi Montag Struggles to Embrace Tyler Henry's Abilities on Hollywood Medium

The Hills star finds herself a bit uncomfortable ahead of a Hollywood Medium reading

By Alyssa Ray Apr 12, 2019 1:00 AMTags
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Reassuring words.

On Thursday's all-new Hollywood Medium With Tyler Henry, the 23-year-old psychic issued several important messages for new celebrity clients. For starters, Tyler Henry sat down with The Hills' Spencer Pratt. Although wife Heidi Montag was present for the reading, she kept her distance as she felt it was against her beliefs.

"This is right up my alley," the MTV celebrity relayed to the Hollywood Medium cameras. "It's a little different than Heidi's beliefs."

"Yeah! It's a little bit against my faith," the reality TV personality admitted.

This wasn't the case for Spencer, who actively collects crystals and likes to "connect with other realms and beings of the light and love." Thus, it wasn't surprising when Spencer's side of the family connected with Tyler.

Specifically, the famed medium found himself linked to Pratt's late grandmother.

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"Mom's still living, right?" Tyler noted to Spencer. "We're gonna have to talk about her. Like, loved ones connected to her. People around her."

Little to Tyler's knowledge, Spencer's mother Janet was in the other room taking in the reading. As Tyler began honing into Janet's mother's health struggles prior to death, the father-of-one chose to invite his mother to join him on the couch.

Apparently, Janet's mom had a brain tumor and was "never the same" after the diagnosis...a fact Tyler accurately touched upon.

"There's this whole acknowledgement of healthcare stuff. There's a feeling of still bringing fresh things, still having things in the room," Henry added. "But it's kind of funny because the feeling is like, 'While I'm not fully cognizant to appreciate all these things, I still appreciate that they're being done for me in hindsight.'"

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The acknowledgement resonated deeply with Janet, who admitted that she cared for her mother as she struggled with dementia.

"I took her food, I did her shopping, I cleaned her house," Spencer's mom emotionally told Tyler. "I had done everything for her, I did."

Even though the spirit was unhappy towards the end of their life, they wanted Janet to know that they appreciated everything that was done. "The way this comes through is just so much appreciation for you and you only, really. For how you were able to be there," the E! personality continued. "Mom is appreciative of what you did to be able to be there for her."

This wasn't the only validating message Tyler uttered during Thursday's episode. In fact, the Hollywood Medium star had some reassuring things to say about Cesar Millan's relationship.

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After his first marriage ended in heartbreak and despair, the Dog Whisperer alum decided to ask the other side about his engagement to Jahira Dar.

"It's obvious I know how to love," Cesar expressed during the reading. "It's just…it's just the trust, right? So, that's the part that doesn't let you fully love."

According to Tyler, the other side urged Millan to cut the cord and to not bring "emotional damage" into his union with Jahira.

"You in so many ways help animals and now, at this time in your life, this relationship is actually going to ultimately help you," Tyler assured Cesar. "It's like the teacher being taught in some way."

Furthermore, Tyler stated that Cesar's relationship will allow him "to have trust in a way that you've never had before."

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