19 Times Saint West Proved He Was the Best Big Brother

Proof that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's son is a great sibling to have

By Johnni Macke May 10, 2019 5:00 PMTags
Saint West, Chicago WestE!

Saint West is the ultimate big brother and now he's going to get even more practice thanks to the arrival of his little brother.

On Friday, Kim Kardashian West and Kanye West announced that they welcomed their fourth child (the second one via surrogate) and we have a feeling Saint is already thriving as the big brother of not only Chicago, but now this new little guy.

With his big sis North there to lead the way the West kids are totally ready to have another sibling and carry any responsibilities that come with caring for their newest family member. In fact, over the years—three short years to be exact—Saint has showed he is such a good kid.

Whether he's protecting all of his younger female cousins or showing Chicago how to steer her toy car, Saint is always up for pulling the big brother card out and showing everyone how it's done.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Welcome Baby No. 4 Via Surrogate

With a little brother around, he's definitely going to need to show him the ropes, especially since the Kardashian family as a whole is dominated by fierce females.

As we wait to see photos of the newest little man to join this fam, we are taking a look back at all the times Saint proved he was the best big brother around.

Prepare for cuteness overload!

Ladies' Man

Saint West is all about the ladies...the ladies in his family that is. He is always ready to hang out with his sisters and cousins and watch over them.

Standing By

Saint adorably stood by mom Kim and younger brother Psalm during a sweet trip to Kim's gym on July 21.

All Smiles

Saint wears a huge grin beside sister Chicago in May 2021.

Ride or Die

Teaching Chicago how to drive a toy car? Obviously that's a duty for big brother Saint.

Family First

When it comes to group photos and holidays, Saint is always dressed to impress and ready to set a good example.

Party Animal

When it comes to his siblings, they don't have to look very far to see someone who is the life of the party or who knows how to have fun at one of his birthday bashes.

Bros for Life

Too cool for school! Saint is always up for an adventure with his boy Reign and we have a feeling he'll be just as happy to bring his baby bro along for the ride.


Ugh, could this be any cuter? Saint snuggling Chicago proves he is so loving.

Halloween Homies

If this is the Halloween costume Saint wears when he's young, can you imagine how much he'll go all out when he's older?

Fun & Games

Saint takes all of his cousins under his wing and is always up for a play-date making him the perfect family member.

Strong Guy

Need someone to lift you up and help you see things? Saint is your guy!

Protective Vibes

This adorable guy is all about the smiles and protecting the little ones in his life and his happiness is contagious.

Dad's Dude

Saint already has the mini me thing down to a science so with a little brother following in his footsteps it'll soon be two little ones looking like Kanye West.

Captain Crew

He's ready and willing to drive a boat and we love him even more for it.


While his sisters go to ballet and do girly stuff, this mini man likes to go outside and get dirty...something we're sure his brother will join in on as well.

Snapchat Guru

As one of the Kim Kardashian's kids it's no surprise that this guy has already mastered Snapchat. Now all he has to do is show his siblings the ropes.

Pool Boy

If you need swim lessons, this fearless pool boy has you covered.

Kiss Kiss

This sweet smooch makes our heart so freaking happy and makes us want millions of children.

Picture Perfect

Because Saint is a natural on camera, his siblings should all be taking notes for their next Christmas card shoot.

Mama's Boy

From the moment he was born, Saint was a mama's boy and we love him for it.

Team Player

You know you're a good brother when you wear coordinating costumes with your big sis.

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