Does Tyler Henry Foresee a Wedding to Boyfriend Clint in His Future?

The Hollywood Medium star reads strangers' prophecies on the daily, but we want to know more about his future!

By Emily Mae Czachor Feb 21, 2019 5:46 PMTags
Watch: Tyler Henry Opens Up About His Boyfriend

Most of the time, Tyler Henry has a knack for anticipating what's next. Courtesy of his tenure on Hollywood Medium With Tyler Henry, predicting the outcomes of other peoples' personal ventures is more or less his day job. 

But what about his own? In an exclusive interview with E! News ahead of Hollywood Medium's fourth season premiere, Tyler says that when it comes to the details of his own future—specifically, his future with steady boyfriend Clint Godwin—the 23-year-old clairvoyant tends to draw more of a blank. 

"I always say, I can tell everybody else's future except my own," Tyler laughs, replying to a question about whether he foresees wedding bells on the horizon for himself and his photographer beau, who've been dating for several years now. 

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"It's actually tricky because I have so much bias. You know, with ourselves, we have our own hopes and fears and expectations," he goes on to say. "And so it's actually hard to get a read on myself and my future. But I'm thankful for the present. I'll see where it leads."

Even though Tyler can't dredge up any spoilers about what's to come for him and Clint, he does talk a little bit about the future of Hollywood Medium. When the series returns for a fourth season tonight at 8 p.m. on E!, he says audiences should expect something they haven't seen before.

Watch: Tyler Henry Previews New Season of "Hollywood Medium"

"This season has a whole new compilation of readings, obviously. And with it comes really a different insight into my process," Tyler explains, adding that  the upcoming season will include a stacked lineup of celebrity guest appearances and more behind-the-scenes footage than in years past.

"I think it'll really give people insight into how I do what I do, and also how it affects the clients in a way that you haven't seen in previous seasons," he continues. "So, it's a lot of new stuff we're trying out this season."

See what else Tyler has to say about marriage and the new season of Hollywood Medium in the clips above!