The View Sets the Record Straight on Whoopi Goldberg Possibly Hosting the 2019 Oscars

Joy Behar starts off "Hot Topics" to give an update on her co-host and friend

By Mike Vulpo Feb 20, 2019 7:18 PMTags
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Sit back and enjoy this conspiracy theory, ladies and gentlemen.

Speculation has started spreading on social media that Whoopi Goldberg could potentially be a host for this Sunday's 2019 Oscars.

And although The View has made it clear in recent episodes that she has been absent from the table because she's battling pneumonia, some still aren't convinced.

But on Wednesday morning's episode, Joy Behar set the record straight once and for all about her beloved co-host.

"Whoopi is still out. She's not feeling well and there are all these conspiracy theories on the internet that she's not really sick. She's secretly preparing to host the Oscars," Joy explained. "Let me just set the record straight right now, okay? Whoopi is on maternity leave. I'm sorry. It was a miracle."

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Oh, did we mention Joy is a comedian? Yes, it's a joke people. But all kidding aside, Whoopi remains under the weather with a rep for the ABC talk show confirming to E! News that the longtime co-host really is battling pneumonia.

"She's actually recovering from pneumonia. That's what she had. It's a serious thing. I don't think she's going to be able to host the Oscars and I'm sure she's very disappointed," Joy explained during "Hot Topics." "She's not really even well enough to host this show right now much less the Oscars. I saw her last night and she's very funny still and we had big laughs. She's getting there. She's on the mend, so we miss you Whoopi."

Meghan McCain also added that the conspiracy started because of Peter Knegt's messages on social media.

When Peter heard his name mentioned on the show, he couldn't help but react online.

"Was your name mangled on @TheView this morning because you made up a conspiracy theory about Whoopi Goldberg hosting the Oscars that's probably not true. CAUSE MINE WAS!  (also @MeghanMcCain it's KA-NET)," he joked on Twitter.

As for Sunday's 2019 Oscars also airing on ABC, the show will go on without a host. But expect plenty of your favorite stars including Lady Gaga, Bradley Cooper, Rami Malek and more.

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