How Kanye West Pulled Off Kim Kardashian's Valentine's Day Surprise, According to Kenny G

Keeping Up With the Kardashians star received a special performance on the romantic holiday

By Mike Vulpo Feb 15, 2019 11:16 PMTags

Kanye West had the magic touch this Valentine's Day!

In case you missed it, the rapper completely surprised Kim Kardashian this week with a surprise performance from Kenny G.

While many were in awe of the romantic gesture, others like Chrissy Teigen had a few questions about how he pulled it off.

Fortunately, we have some answers now that Kenny G is speaking out. In a new interview, the famous saxophonist shared how it all went down.

"Really late [Wednesday] night I got a couple of emails, one from a publicist that knows Kanye's manager. He told me that Kanye had requested me to come to the house and serenade Kim in the morning. 'It's going to be a room surrounded with roses, and you're going to stand in the middle of the roses and play.' I thought, 'That actually sounds really beautiful,'" Kenny G shared with Rolling Stone.

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He continued, "Then I got a text from David Foster, who told me he had heard about the request and told me I should definitely do it. I didn't get the message until, like, 11 o'clock at night. It just happened to work out, ‘cause I'm in town and I don't live very far from where they live. So it worked out really well."

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When asked if the vases filled with roses were all set up before he arrived, Kenny G had a surprise answer.

"Not quite. It was raining in L.A., so I went early just to make sure I wasn't late. They were putting all of this stuff together," he shared. "I did not see the room completed until literally 20 seconds before I started playing."

Mystery solved!

Ultimately, Kim loved every moment of the surprise. "She didn't know what to do with herself for a minute," Kenny G shared when reliving the moment.

As for Kanye, he was happy with the end result and was grateful for the special visitor.  

"He could not have been nicer. He was so warm and accommodating," Kenny G explained. "Just chit-chatting about music. It was super cool."

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