Michelle Williams Still Wants a Ghostly Dawson's Creek Reunion (And So Do We)

Williams' character may have died in the finale, but she can come back as a ghost anyway

By Lauren Piester Feb 04, 2019 9:16 PMTags
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Michelle Williams seems to be the Dawson's Creek alum most into the idea of a reunion, even though her character is the one who'd be hardest to reunite with. 

Williams' Jen Lindley died during the series finale, which jumped ahead to a future when Jen was a single mom with a heart condition. The finale was about the whole gang coming back together as adults five years later to celebrate Dawson's mother's wedding, only for Jen to get sick and die, encouraging everyone else to live their lives to the fullest...or something. 

That led Dawson (James Van Der Beek) to create his show based on his own life, and for Joey (Katie Holmes) and Pacey (Joshua Jackson) to finally find their way back to each other and move in together in New York. 

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After Williams appeared on a panel promoting the new FX show Fosse/Verdon at the FX portion of the Television Critics' Association winter press tour, Williams answered a question about whether or not she'd do a Dawson's Creek reunion with an enthusiastic "Yeah!"

"I think I've been waving that flag for a while, like why not?" she told a small group of reporters. "Although my character died, so I'd have to be a ghost."

Williams has, in fact, been waving that flag for a while, and has been advocating for ghost Jen for a while as well.

"If there's ever talk of a reunion show or something, I'm like…it would be so funny to be a ghost and like show up in people's dreams," she told EW last year for a 25th anniversary special.

Dawson's Creek Creator Says Joey and Pacey Are Divorced

"I would have to come back as a ghost—or put a lot of filters on the camera, and I'll do flashback scenes," she told the Today Show.

That same EW feature revealed what creator Kevin Williamson thinks the characters would be up to today, and it's clear he's been thinking about a potential reunion. 

Since he's a "man of conflict," Williamson said Dawson would have achieved his dreams of becoming Spielberg, but he never found love and his dreams shattered, so "when we come upon him, he's just on the cusp of changing his whole life and finding the one thing that's going to make it magical."

Williamson said Joey and Pacey would have gotten married, had a family, but "there were troubles."

"I think they got a divorce," he said. "I think that when we meet them they're in a very dark place. But there's still something between them that forces them to come together and raise their children," and they "keep coming back to each other."

"I think that we would sort of have to watch them fall in love over again as middle-aged adults."

Sounds like Williamson's got his (somewhat depressing) ideas ready, so all he's got to do is add ghost Jen (and convince Holmes, Van Der Beek, and Jackson, who have been a little less into the idea) and this reunion is in business! 

Dawson's Creek aired on The WB from 1998 to 2003. Fosse/Verdon premieres Tuesday, April 9 at 10 p.m. on FX. Look for Williams to appear on Busy Tonight with host and BFF Busy Philipps on Thursday, Feb. 7 at 10 p.m. on E!. Busy Tonight airs Monday through Thursday at 11:00 p.m. on E!.