LOL! Watch the Dating #NoFilter Comedians Play an "Oh My God!" Drinking Game

By Alyssa Ray Jan 18, 2019 3:00 PMTags
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Someone call Guinness World Records!

In this sneak peek from Dating #NoFilter's season premiere (Monday, Jan. 21 at 10:30 p.m.), the comedian commentators are shocked to see how many times one woman can say, "Oh my god!" on a first date.

"We need to have a drinking game for every time she says, 'Oh my god!'" Zach Noe Towers remarks to his counterpart Kelsey Darragh.

Understandably, Zach becomes concerned about "alcohol poisoning" after the young lady states the popular phrase after almost everything her date reveals. Case in point: the girl says, "Oh my god!" after her suitor reveals he has a 50-year-old brother.

"She's shocked that anyone alive was 50," Nina Parker hilariously quips. "You don't die at 50?"

Dating #NoFilter: Meet the Comedians!

Sadly, the conversation seemingly struggles further as the twosome discuss the suitor's mother's dietary habits. "This is like the conversation you have with someone who's standing in front of you in a grocery line," the Nightly Pop co-host further remarks.

Ultimately, the Dating #NoFilter comedians counted "Oh my god!" 8 separate times…with Kelsey even accidentally uttering the phrase.

"Don't you start saying it," Zach concludes. "God, woman!"

Watch the hilarity ensue in the sneak peek above!

Dating #NoFilter returns early 2020, only on E!