Star Wars: The Clone Wars

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That "Star Wars Kid" from YouTube may have been ahead of his time. Soon, many American kids will look just as dorky as they play a brand new lightsaber fighting game for the Wii. This was but one of several revelations—nah, actually, not many revelations at all—at the Comic-Con "Star Wars Spectacular."

If you were hoping to know more about the live-action TV show coming in a couple years, you're out of luck.

But hey, do you like The Clone Wars?

Footage from the upcoming animated flick and spinoff TV cartoon were shown, and while the sound effects are definitely cool and we dig seeing a blockade runner dock inside a pre-Star destroyer cruiser...How many times can even a dedicated Star Wars fan get excited about watching rows of clones shoot at rows of battle droids?

What we'd rather know is the top-secret name of Darth Vader's "secret apprentice" in the forthcoming Force Unleashed videogame. We're betting his surname turns out to be Solo or Skywalker.

What's Up? This is Up
Pixar has made some odd choices for movie subject matter in the past—last robot on Earth after global holocaust, anyone? But their next feature, Up, might just be the hardest to pigeonhole.

It's the story of an old curmudgeon named Carl (Ed Asner) who long ago promised his beloved wife a trip to Venezuela. She dies, but he's determined to do it anyway, and takes to the air by attaching hundreds of helium balloons to his house. Then, once aloft, there's a knock at the door and...our clip ended right there. But director Pete Docter assures us that "it's going to keep you guessing. You don't know where it's goinna go." He also promises a cameo from a Ratatouille character. Okay, he's got us guessing.

Land of the Lost Scoop Found
Will Ferrell made a brief appearance via video to promote the Land of the Lost. Initially seen strumming a banjo and singing the movie's theme (while forgetting some of the lyrics), he also appeared in a fake "remote uplink" that was clearly prerecorded.

But then we got to see the teaser trailer, which also features facts about the T-Rex unspool in subtitles, we eventually get to see one creep up behind Will, ready to feed. Quoth the Ferrell: "He's right behind me, isn't he? I'm just trying to stay still." Right as the beast prepares to pounce, we go to black. Somehow, we're guessing he survives.

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