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Sometimes beauty means pain! 

Nazanin Mandi is prepping for a major photo shoot for her swimsuit line, which means she needs to keep things nice and toned. Of course one of the best ways to do that is by going to a sweat lodge with Asiah Collins

"I feel like I'm in a '90s music video," Asiah remarks after putting on the huge safety suits they are given. While Nazanin is very at home in Shapehouse, Asiah is a little more weary of this outing. 

"This is going to go one of two ways," Asiah shares. "It's either going to be really amazing or I'm gonna die here today." Spoiler alert: Asiah didn't die, even though the girls were in 158 degrees Fahrenheit! 

The ladies couldn't call it a day without first getting a selfie during the treatment but Asiah had to freshen up first. "Did you just pull lip gloss out of your sweaty cleavage?" Nazanin asked her. A girl always has to be photo ready! 

Check out the girls' hilarious trip in the video above!  

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