A couple who gets healthy together, stays together. 

In this clip from Sunday's season finale of Revenge Body With Khloe Kardashian, Khloe Kardashian meets Chad and Allison, a married couple on opposite ends of the weight spectrum. While Allison is looking to lose weight, Chad is hoping to gain weight and muscle. Ultimately, they both want to be healthy and start a family someday. 

"My weight is such a barrier in the bedroom. Not being able to have babies is crazy because of a weight problem. It's not anything else but you decided not to control yourself," Allison explains. 

For Chad, his insecurities stem from not being able to put on weight.

"Me being so much underweight, it puts a lot of doubt in my mind of who I am, even as a man. Because, you know, a man is always the one that saves the girl and sweeps her off her feet. I can't do that for her because I'm not strong enough to," Chad confesses.

Khloe sympathizes with the couple even using her sister Kendall Jenner's thin-shaming experience as an example.

"My sister Kendall, when she was growing up, she was very skinny and she used to get bullied all the time for being too too skinny. And I think body shaming of any kind is still bullying and not acceptable," Khloe says.

While the couple is in this journey together, Khloe suggests that they separate and make their big reveals to each other.

Watch this unique couple open up about their struggles with weight in the clip above.

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