Botched, Botched 307


The Botched doctors were met with extremely "risky" surgeries on Tuesday's episode!

On the show, doctors Terry Dubrow and Paul Nassif met with patient Melissa, whose previous doctor completely botched her boobs. Melissa even said her boobs looked like "deflated whooppee cushions" before Dr. Dubrow fixed them!

When the doctors met with Melissa she explained to them that her previous doctor actually placed 700cc implants on top of her muscles instead of underneath them! Then while the doctors told Melissa it was a "very high-risk case" they agreed to do the surgery and Melissa agreed to "go down this road" with the doctors.

Take a look at the recap to find out how Melissa's boobs were fixed and to see what happened when the "world's most identical twins" met the doctors!

1. The "World's Most Identical Twins" Don't Have Identical Boobs:

On the episode, patients Lucy and Anna explain that they're the "world's most identical twins" but they don't believe their boobs are identical. So they want the Botched doctors to give them matching boobs.

Watch the clip above to see the twins talk about their previous breast surgery!

2. Melissa's Previous Doctor Put 700cc Implants on Top of Her Muscle!

After Melissa's breast surgery she woke up and her previous doctor told her there were some "problems."

He ended up putting 700cc implants on top of her muscle instead of under!

When the doctors examine Melissa they explain that she needs a "new lift" and a "pocket close" as well as "new implants" and "thickening of the inside of the breast envelope." Doctor Dubrow tells Melissa this is a "very high-risk case" but both Melissa and the doctors agree to "go down this road" together and move forward with the surgery.

3. Pam's Previous Doctor Put a Silicone Implant in Her Nose:

After a diving accident, Pam's mother took her to a surgeon to fix her broken nose but the doctor ended up breaking her nose again! She then saw a second doctor who tried to help by placing a silicone implant in her nose.

But now Pam is having trouble breathing and she wants the Botched doctors to help fix her nose.

The doctors examine Pam and Dr. Nassif explains that they can help her but she has to stop using her nasal sprays that she uses constantly.

While Pam says it "won't be easy" she's going to give it her "best shot" to "get off the nose spray."

Botched, Botched 307


4. Melissa Has ''Good" Muscles in Her Boobs:

Melissa's breast surgery is very "difficult" and complicated but Dr. Dubrow finds "good" muscles in both of Melissa's breasts during surgery, which helps him be able to reconstruct her boobs.

During the surgery, Dr. Dubrow is able to get rid of Melissa's rippling, downsize her boobs, thicken the tissue and give her a lift!

"That was really really really hard but actually really satisfying," Dr. Dubrow says after the surgery. "They actually look like symmetrical breasts with alive nipples. Melissa's going to be very happy, I hope."

Botched, Botched 307


5. Dr. Nassif Is "Scared" When Pam Doesn't Have Blood in Her Nose:

During surgery, Dr. Nassif is "scared" when he sees that Pam doesn't have blood in her nose.

"Not a lot of bleeding at all, that's a little concerning," Dr. Nassif says. "I'm starting to get scared here, no blood inside the nose is not a good thing. It means possibly poor vasculature, possibly risk of tissue nercrosis where the skin dies. I need to see some blood."

Luckily the surgery is very successful and Dr. Nassif thinks her nose looks "good."

"I gotta say that her nose looks good," Dr. Nassif says after surgery. "We did everything we wanted to do."

He then explains that Pam's breathing "should be a lot better" because everything is "wide open" in her nose.

Botched, Botched 307


6. The Botched Doctors Tell the Twins Not to Have Breast Surgery:

Lucy and Anna want to have identical boobs, but the doctors don't think getting the breast surgery will help them achieve that. They actually think it might make them more and more different!

"The differences will become more apparent," Dr. Dubrow explains.

After listening to the doctors, the twins tell the doctors they'll have to "think about" the surgery.

Botched, Botched 307


7. Melissa Says Her Boobs Are "Cute" After Surgery:

After a successful surgery, Melissa is extremely happy. She chops off her long hair that she used to hide her breasts and is ready to embark on a new journey in life.

Melissa says Dr. Dubrow "exceeded" her expectations and that her boobs are now "proportionate" for her body and "kinda cute."

Botched, Botched 307


8. Pam Is "Feeling Good" & "Breathing Better" Post Nose Surgery:

Before her surgery, Pam had trouble breathing which caused problems for her when she tried to work out.

But after her surgery, Pam is in the gym and able to exercise without having to worry about her nose spray.

"Dr. Nassif went way above and beyond anything any doctor possibly would've done," Pam says. "I'm so happy to be back working out and I'm so happy to be back working out without nose spray."

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