Botched, Botched 306


Tuesday's episode of Botched was packed with so many jaw-dropping moments!

On the episode, doctors Paul Nassif and Terry Dubrow met with Serena whose previous doctor botched her boobs and then told her he "can't" fix them! After telling Serena he couldn't fix his mistake, which lead her to have a uniboob, he told her, "At least you're not going to be a stripper."

How did the doctors react to this surgeon's comment?

"He should lose his license," Dr. Nassif said.

Take a look at the recap to see how the doctors fixed Serena's uniboob and learn how they helped a woman who "almost died" after having surgery in Ecuador.

Botched, Botched 306


1. Kathy Thought She Was "Gonna Die" After Having Plastic Surgery in Ecuador:

Event planner Kathy was "always self-conscious" of her appearance because of the "wrinkles" on her neck. So in 2007 she decided she wanted to "fix" her neck.

"My girlfriend who was from Ecuador, she assured me she had like the best plastic surgeon, so I went," Kathy explains. "And he mentioned to me that I had a ball on my nose and he wanted to fix it. When I woke up I just remember being in excruciating pain."

After the surgery, Kathy started "vomiting blood" and felt like she was "gonna die there."

Luckily Kathy was able to make it back to the United States and went to a hospital in Los Angeles where she was able to recover. But the surgery left her botched and now she wants the doctors' help.

Paul Nassif, Botched, Botched 306


2. The Doctors Examine Kathy to See if They Can Operate:

Kathy meets with Dr. Nassif and Dr. Dubrow and tells them her story. The doctors then examine Kathy to see how they can help her.

"Her old nose was big, normal, natural and I want to give her back a normal nose," Dr. Nassif says.

He then tells Kathy, "No matter what, we cannot make your nose perfect. Better, but not perfect."

Dr. Nassif also agrees to do a revision lower face and neck lift on Kathy.

"We are gonna help you, we're gonna take down your nose, fix your neck," Dr. Nassif tells Kathy.

Kathy then tells the doctors she's "excited" and thanks them.

3. Serena Explains How Her Previous Doctor Gave Her a Botched Boob Job:

When the doctors meet with Serena, she tells them how her previous doctor botched her boob job. She also explains how he told her that he couldn't fix his mistake but, "At least you're not going to be a stripper."

Take a look at the clip above to see how the doctors react to Serena's story!

4. Kathy Has Concerns Before Her Surgery:

Before the operation starts, Dr. Nassif talks to Kathy. That's when she tells him that she has some concerns. What are her hesitations? Check out the video above to find out!

Terry Dubrow, Botched, Botched 306


5. Seagulls Stole Serena's Meds:

Serena has a "crazy" story to tell Dr. Dubrow!

Before surgery Serena asks Dr. Dubrow, "You wanna hear a crazy story?"

"I do," he tells her.

"So after I came here, got my meds, Olivia and I went to the beach, came back up and my meds were gone, papers were all over," Serena tells him. "The seagulls grabbed my whole thing of meds! And they were everywhere. It was a percocet and antibiotic that were gone. Lifeguard found the percocet."

"There's gonna be some stoned seagulls flying around," Dr. Dubrow jokes.

Terry Dubrow, Botched, Botched 306


6. Dr. Dubrow Discovers That Serena Has "Very Little Breast Tissue":

At the beginning of surgery, Dr. Dubrow realizes Serena has "very little breast tissues."

"OK so the first step is to make an incision," Dr. Dubrow explains before he starts. "That's not good, I hate to wake her up and say, 'We didn't do it.' But she really has very little breast tissue. I'm not jeopardizing safety for disappointment."

He then explains, "Serena had really small breasts and she wanted very large implants put in and that's something her surgeon should've warned her about that could lead her down the path of having significant complications."

But Dr. Dubrow is able to put new implants in and use scar tissue to make a "really stable separation" between Serena's boobs and the surgery is a success!

7. Frenchy Tells the Doctors She Wants 1000cc Implants:

The doctors meet with Frenchy, who tells them that she wants "really big" boobs. How large does she want her chest to be? Frenchy wants 1000cc implants!

See the doctors' reaction in the clip above!

Botched, Botched 306


8. Kathy's Nerves Are in Tact After Her Surgery:

One day after her surgery, Kathy has a checkup with Dr. Nassif who wants to see how her nerves are doing after the operation.

"Today is Kathy's first day after surgery, I want to know if Kathy's nerves are going to be in tact," Dr. Nassif says.

Dr. Nassif then examines Kathy and sees that her nerves are indeed in tact!

"I was very careful around the nerves, but now seeing that they work right in front of me, all that stress is gone," he explains.

Botched, Botched 306


9. Serena Feels  "Confident" Post Surgery:

Six weeks after her surgery, Serena is feeling "confident" and ready to go out on the town with her friends.

"When I had symmastia I was constantly having to hide myself and hide my breasts," Serena says. "I allowed myself to live in pain for six years. I'm excited to be able to feel comfortable and not have pain or be so insecure anymore."

Botched, Botched 306


10. Kathy Surgery Results Have Her on an "Incredible High":

"It's been eight years since I made the worst mistake of my life, going to Ecuador to have my nose and neck done," Kathy says after her surgery. "I almost died and I've been traumatized, but I've wanted it fixed since then and here I am with my new look and I'm all excited to show the world!"

She continues, "I'm like on this incredible high."

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