Serena wanted to increase the size of her two breasts, but after a botched surgery, she ended up with one large uniboob!

On Tuesday's Botched, Doctors Paul Nassif and Terry Dubrow meet with patient Serena who explains that her previous doctor botched her boob job and then told her he couldn't fix it!

"When I was younger I was flat chested, decided to go for surgery," Serena explains in the clip above. "Went to surgery, woke up...I could feel the ripping of my muscles off my sternum. And they said, 'No you're just really swollen.'"

Serena says that it makes her "angry" that she spent money for her doctor to deny he botched the surgery.

Botched, Botched 306


After three months, Serena went back to the doctor for a checkup and he told her, "Well I don't know how to fix this."

Over the course of the three months, Serena had been doing research and realized she had symmastia.

"Symmastia, essentially it's due to a technical error where the surgeon lifted up too much to the center to the point where the two pockets communicated," Dr. Dubrow explains.

Serena then reveals that her doctor told her, "But I can't fix this, at least you're not going to be a stripper."

"That guy should lose his license," Dr. Nassif says.

Take a look at the video above to see Serena tell her story!

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