Amy Schumer

Chrissy Teigen Responds After Amy Schumer Mocks Her Singing Video From Barack Obama's Birthday

Amy Schumer did what she does best by trolling Chrissy Teigen over the model's Marilyn Monroe-inspired performance for Barack Obama's 60th birthday.

August 18, 2021


Ashley Iaconetti and Jared Haibon Dish on Pregnancy, Baby Products and Amy Schumer's Influence

The Bachelor in Paradise fan favorites are expecting their first child together.

July 15, 2021

Why Emily Ratajkowski Is Calling Out Judd Apatow's "This is 40"

The supermodel chats with Judd Apatow's pal Amy Schumer about why his movie "isn't aging well" due to the portrayal of Megan Fox's character Desi. See how Amy reacts!

June 14, 2021

Why Emily Ratajkowski Is Calling Out Judd Apatow’s Movie This Is 40

Emily Ratajkowski recently expressed to Judd Apatow’s pal, Amy Schumer, at the Tribeca Film Festival that the movie, This Is 40, “isn’t aging well.”

June 14, 2021

See Amy Schumer React After Husband Chris Fischer Jokes He's "Leaving" Her in Birthday Cake Message

In celebration of Amy Schumer's birthday, her husband Chris Fischer presented her with a cake, which included a surprising message on it. Scroll on to see the comedian's reaction.

June 1, 2021

John Krasinski Reacts After Amy Schumer Jokes He and Emily Blunt Have a "Marriage for Publicity"

John Krasinski weighed in after Amy Schumer quipped on Instagram that he and wife Emily Blunt have a "pretend marriage for publicity." Scroll on to see the exchange.

May 31, 2021

Amy Schumer Has a Very NSFW Answer to This Question About Her Marriage to Chris Fischer

Amy Schumer got candid about her post-baby sex life in an interview with SiriusXM’s Comedy Gold Minds with Kevin Hart.

April 29, 2021

Amy Schumer Jokes About Her Dad's "Magician Sawing Accident" Amid His Hospitalization

Amy Schumer took to Instagram on March 29 to share a photo of her father, Gordon, in the hospital. The comedian joked he was in an "unfortunate magician sawing accident." See her followers' replies.

March 30, 2021

Amy Schumer's Coronavirus Vaccine Appointment Featured Her "Fanciest Dress" and a NSFW Joke

Amy Schumer took to Instagram on March 28 to share footage of herself getting the COVID-19 vaccine. Scroll on to see why she wore her "fanciest dress."

March 29, 2021

Amy Schumer's Son Will Melt Your Heart as He Watches Her Super Bowl Commercial

Amy Schumer had her number one fan watching her Super Bowl 2021 ad: Her son, Gene David Fischer! See the adorable video below.

February 8, 2021

Amy Schumer Jokingly Calls Out "Liar" Natalie Portman Over Parenting Advice

During her virtual appearance on Late Night With Seth Meyers, Amy Schumer shared the parenting advice she received from Natalie Portman and why she jokingly called the actress a "huge liar."

February 4, 2021

Amy Schumer Proudly Bares Her C-Section Scar From Son Gene's Birth

Nearly two years after the birth of her son, Gene, Amy Schumer is giving her C-section scar some much-deserved social media love. Keep scrolling for the star's nude tribute.

February 1, 2021

Amy Schumer Jokes Hilaria Baldwin Is Probably “Happy” About Capitol Riots After Heritage Scandal

Following the scandal surrounding Hilaria Baldwin's Spanish roots, Amy Schumer joked the actress is likely "the only person who is happy" about the Jan. 6 riots at the U.S. Capitol for one key reason.

January 26, 2021

Watch Amy Schumer Serenade Husband Chris Fischer for His Birthday—and Try Not to Laugh

"To my husband on his birthday," Amy Schumer wrote alongside a video of her singing to Chris Fischer. "The greatest gift. The gift of song."

January 4, 2021

Amy Schumer Jokes About Hilaria Baldwin's Accent Controversy

The comedienne posts a now-deleted photo of herself in sunglasses and a hat. Check out the hilarious caption!

December 28, 2020

Amy Schumer Weighs In On Hilaria Baldwin's Accent Controversy

Amid claims about Hilaria Baldwin's accent, Amy Schumer posted a photo seemingly poking fun at the controversy. Scroll on to see the since-deleted picture.

December 28, 2020

Hilaria Baldwin and Amy Schumer Hilariously Roast Each Other After Holiday Photo Debacle

Amy Schumer doubled down on poking fun at Hilaria Baldwin after sparking some controversy. Meanwhile, Alec Baldwin's wife fired back with her own joke.

December 25, 2020

Amy Schumer Apologizes to Hilaria Baldwin After Using Her Underwear Photo as Holiday Card

After Hilaria Baldwin posted a video reacting to body shamers, Amy Schumer apologized and deleted her underwear photo off of her Instagram account. Scroll on for the latest details.

December 23, 2020

Hilaria Baldwin's Reaction to Amy Schumer's Holiday Prank

Leave it to Amy Schumer to use Hilaria Baldwin's underwear pic as her own holiday card. Take a look!

December 23, 2020

See Hilaria Baldwin's Reaction After Amy Schumer Used Her Underwear Photo as a Holiday Card

Leave it to Amy Schumer to use Hilaria Baldwin's bra and underwear pic as her own holiday card. Read on to see the hilarious prank for yourself.

December 22, 2020

Watch Amy Schumer's 16-Month-Old Son Gene Adorably Crash Her Interview With Ellen DeGeneres

Amy Schumer virtually stopped by The Ellen DeGeneres Show with a special guest. Keep scrolling to see her son Gene's surprise appearance.

September 29, 2020

Amy Schumer Reveals Lyme Disease Diagnosis

Amy Schumer told her fans that she's "maybe had it for years" in an Instagram post announcing her Lyme disease diagnosis.

September 8, 2020