Even Kim Kardashian Doesn't Know If Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott Are Secretly Married

The makeup mogul and her rapper beau have been fueling speculation that they tied the knot.

By Samantha Schnurr Dec 10, 2018 3:59 PMTags

It's time for Kim Kardashian to do some investigating. 

Her famous sister, Kylie Jenner, and the makeup mogul's beau, Travis Scott, have been giving fans the impression they secretly tied the knot as of late, thanks to social media snaps featuring ring emojis and "wifey" titles. 

The speculation has been ongoing for months, especially after the couple went jewelry shopping and Jenner later shared footage of her house covered in red roses

"Kylie and Travis have definitely discussed getting married and she has expressed what type of ring she would want Travis to buy her. It would definitely be over the top," a source told E! News over the summer. "They are not engaged right now but have talked about it, and it's only a matter of time."

Since then, though, the signs have only continued and it was time to consult Kylie's big sister. 

"Are they married or what?" Busy Tonight host Busy Philipps asked Kardashian on Sunday night's episode. "I honestly don't know. I see that too...they're the cutest and I think they're so in love and they have the cutest little family. I would say like no, they're just being cute and posting that, but they posted it a few times, so I am going to ask in our group chat today when we leave here," Kim said. 

Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott: Romance Rewind

While we wait on that answer, the reality star and mom of three took more of Philipps' burning questions, including on her recent ecstasy revelation

"It's just weird to people, like I've done ecstasy, but I don't drink. I don't smoke weed. I don't do anything, so it's weird to have done that, but I think that I was so young," she told the host. 


Kim Kardashian/Instagram

"I tell my mom everything. We always had such a close relationship, so I would come home and be like, "Oh my God, mom. I did ecstasy last night," Kim recalled of Kris Jenner's reaction. "She was sitting on top of the washing machine...she was like, 'You one day, you're not going to be able to have babies. You can't do this. You're going to ruin yourself.' She was so upset and she never did drugs, so she was just so upset thinking that I was going to turn into something and just be this crazy drug addict."

Ultimately, Jenner's response changed Kardashian's mind. "I just was like, 'You know what? She's so right. I'm so over it. This is so not me,' and I never did anything again."

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