See Ashlee Simpson-Ross and Evan Ross Debut Their New Song "Paris" on ASHLEE+EVAN

After butting heads over when to release the track, the couple decided to debut the song at an intimate club to a crowd of close friends

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They say marriage is all about compromise!

And on this week's all-new ASHLEE+EVANAshlee Simpson Ross and Evan Ross worked hard to get to one after butting heads over releasing their new track "Paris."

"You hear that new mix?" Evan asked Ashlee. "It sounds crazy." "The Paris one?" "Yeah, it sounds good," Ashlee agreed.

"You maybe wanna just put that one out? Get a vibe?" Evan prodded. "No!" Ashlee insisted. "That's not how I want to put our first song out after like, this many years."

After Ashlee's SNL experience, the mom of two was not going to put anything out unless it was perfect.

"You've never done this before. I have," Ashlee reminded her husband. "And if you make a mistake or whatever...I've had albums out and you make a stupid mistake or you do something like that and you can never f--king take that back."

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Thanks to some advice from Ashlee's dad Joe Simpson, Evan was able to get the clarity he needed to meet his wife halfway.

"When me and Ashlee start moving, it's exciting 'cause things are actually happening," Evan confided in Joe. "All of a sudden there's a stop and I could tell it's become a little too real and she's pulling back." 

"When you're young, you're fearless, right? You haven't had failure yet," the former manager explained. "And then as you grow and you go through failures and you go through mistakes, then all of a sudden these voices get in your head."

"That's part of maturity, you have to manage the voices," Joe added.

And manage he did. After giving his wife the room she needed to release her music comfortably, Ashlee was on board to give "Paris" a preview.

"I'm not ready to like, perform tomorrow and those steps are maybe too far for me, but maybe we like, play our music or something," Ashlee suggested to Evan. "I feel like we need a night out. I don't know, maybe play a song somewhere."

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After kissing and making up, the couple agreed to debut the track at Evan's club Warwick in Hollywood.

"I hope that I didn't push Ashlee too much and that she's actually doing it 'cause she wants to do it, not because she's doing it for me," Evan confessed to the camera.

Surrounded by their friends, the DJ hit play on the sultry track.

"Every time you let people hear your music, I feel like it's kinda like you're sharing a piece of you with them," Ashlee explained. "I feel like we're just taking our clothes off and putting our music on."

After baring their souls to the intimate crowd, the couple danced the night away as "Paris" played in the background.

Watch this week's ASHLEE+EVAN to get a sneak peak of the track!

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