Noah Cyrus' "Mad at You" Lyrics Decoded: All the References to Her Split With Lil Xan

"No matter what you do, I can never be mad at you," she croons

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Noah Cyrus is wearing her heart on her sleeve in her new song "Mad at You." 

The 18-year-old singer dropped the tune on Thursday—just a few days after her public split from Lil Xan.

Miley Cyrus' little sister opens the song by setting the scene of a pending breakup.

"We need to talk. You should sit. I don't want to start a fight," she croons. "But the minute it gets to my lips, I can feel my tongue is tied."

It's unclear whether this is the conversation they actually had or she wishes they had. Earlier this week, the artist asked her ex to address their troubles directly, telling him "we could have done this in person or over the phone."

As the song continues, Cyrus sings, "My eyes to start to water, but I can't stop you when you lie." This line could be a reference to Lil Xan's accusation that Cyrus cheated on him and that their love was a "fake relationship" set up by Columbia Records to "boost" her popularity.

Still, she can't deny the heartbreak or the feelings she still has for her ex.

"Baby, we need to talk 'cause I think it's time that I walk away before you start calling my name," she sings. "Because when you start begging me to stay—it's going to be hard as hell, and baby you know me well. No matter what you do, I can never be mad at you."

At one point, she also sings,"For me, there's no one else."

How Lil Xan's Breakup With Noah Cyrus Hooked the Internet

Soon, fellow artist Gallant enters the song and suggests Lil Xan pursued Cyrus in the first place. Cyrus previously told E! News the rapper reached out to her via a direct message on social media. He also hints that Lil Xan actually cheated on Cyrus—an accusation she made during a recent Instagram Story and supported with a picture of what appeared to be a hickey on Lil Xan's neck. The rapper claimed it was just a bruise.

"Baby you were the one who convinced me to run into your arms," Gallant sings. "Oh, but now that you've got me, it's easy to want another love—thinking that you'll find a better one. And I'll sit here waiting here until you're done." 

As the song continues, Cyrus suggests Lil Xan still has feelings for her, as well.

"You love me. You need me. And this aint so easy, believe me," she sings.

Gallant then adds, "You had me right under your skin, but I let you win."

To further convey her heartbreak, the cover art for the song features an image of Cyrus with tears streaming down her face. But according to the singer, she wrote "Mad About You" long before she and Xan started dating. In a post on her Instagram page, she said it's been in her musical catalogue for "over a year." 

Listen to the song to hear the heartfelt lyrics.

The song comes just a few days after the now-exes released their song "Live or Die"—a song in which they reference their romance and Cyrus refers to him as her "ride or die."

News of Cyrus and Lil Xan's relationship broke in early August. Cyrus gushed about her then-beau at the 2018 Teen Choice Awards and told E! News she was "so happy."

Sigh. Young love.

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