Roseanne Barr Apologizes to Valerie Jarrett—Then Insults Her Hair

"I mean, seriously, she needs a new haircut," she said on Fox News' Hannity

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Roseanne Barr appeared on Fox News' Hannity on Thursday to address her offensive tweet about Valerie Jarrett that resulted in the cancellation of Roseanne

Back in May, Barr tweeted  "Muslim brotherhood & planet of the apes had a baby=vj." During her conversation with Sean Hannity, the comedienne reasserted her view that her tweet was about politics, not race. 

"That is a tweet about asking for accountability from the previous administration about the Iran deal, which Valerie Jarrett is the author of and that was what was in my head," Barr said. 

As a result, the actress said she was shocked when the tweet was not interpreted this way and that people called her racist.

"I'm so sad that anyone thinks that of me," she said, "but I'm not that person."

Now, Barr is dealing with the repercussions of her actions.

"You know I made a mistake—obviously," she said. "It cost me everything—my life's work, everything. I made a mistake and I've paid the price for it. But no, I did not know, like a lot of Americans, including a lot of people of all types, they didn't know either."

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In July, Barr said she thought Jarrett was white—a thought she expanded on during her interview with Hannity.

"Here is what I have to say: Let's talk about it. Let's really turn this into a teachable moment," she said. "We need to talk about race and everything that's connected to it, including not knowing that someone who looks like me—her skin tone is like mine, and I'm brown—I didn't know she was African American."

She then reflected on what she would say to the former White House staffer.

"I would say this: Valerie, let's discuss this. Don't assume that you know what I meant because I think you don't know what I meant and I would like to make it clearer to you what I did mean," she said. "And I would like to find a way past all of that to really discuss the issue at hand and try to find common ground between us."

While Barr said she's apologized to Jarrett before, she did so again during the interview. 

"If she's watching, I'm so sorry that you thought I was racist and you thought my tweet was racist because it wasn't. It was political. I'm sorry for the misunderstanding that caused—my ill-worded tweet—and I'm sorry that you feel harmed and hurt," she said. "I never meant that and for that I apologize. I never meant to hurt anybody or say anything negative about an entire race of people, which I think 30 years of my work can attest to." 

However, the comedienne then took a dig at the former Obama adviser.

"Plus, I'd tell her she's got to get a new haircut," she added. "I mean, seriously, she needs a new haircut."

In addition to discussing her tweet, Barr opened up about being diagnosed with multiple personality disorder—also known as dissociative identity disorder.

"I don't suffer from it anymore," she said. "I enjoy it now."

She also talked about her childhood and said she was emotionally abused.

Watch the video to see part of her interview.

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