Nikki Bella Gets Wild With Strippers During a Masquerade Party on Total Bellas: ''Best Bachelorette Ever!''

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Can Brie Bella save Nikki Bella's Parisian bachelorette vacation with a mime act and a masquerade ball?

On this week's all-new Total Bellas, Nikki continued to struggle internally about her back-on nuptials to John Cena. Despite being in Paris for her bachelorette trip, the WWE star admitted she doesn't necessarily feel close to her fiancé.

"I feel like I'm continuing to grow more apart from John, and I should be growing closer to him," Nikki shared in a confessional.

"I don't want to ruin anyone's weekend and they're all here for me, so even though I'm feeling all these emotions, I just think I want to keep this to myself for a bit longer," Nikki further relayed to the Total Bellas cameras. "As long as I can, at least."

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Sadly, her twin and close girlfriends weren't aware of her growing doubts, as they praised Nikki for being more "open and honest" about her feelings. Eventually, Nikki hinted at her discontentment during a masquerade party planned by Brie.

"I guess, I'm just over sacrificing," Nikki relayed to her friends. "But then now he has sacrificed so much for me. I'm over that word, over the feeling and over...that's been my past five-and-a-half years. I'm just over it."

"It's crazy what can happen in a year," the Total Bellas star admitted later on. "John didn't want kids, but then you know, we called the wedding off. Did that make him want kids? Does he really not want kids? And he'll make comments at times and it's weird because I think we try to control our emotions, but honestly you can't."

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Although these thoughts weighed heavily on Nikki's mind, her loved ones did everything in their power to get her in the bachelorette spirit.

Not only did mom Kathy Colace and brother JJ Garcia prank Nikki and her unsuspecting guests at the Chateau at one point, but Brie went above and beyond to make Nikki's masquerade ball a fancy affair…filled with plenty of surprises. For starters, in addition to planning a lavish dinner, Brie and sister-in-law Lauren Garcia trained with a professional mime in order to put on a show for everyone.

"How are you doing this so good, Brie?" Lauren asked during their miming lesson.

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While Lauren struggled a bit during the class, both she and Brie nailed their act when it came time to perform for Nikki and the girls. In fact, the twosome were dubbed the "MVPs" of the getaway thanks to their little number.

But that wasn't the only surprise at dinner, as the waitstaff served more than just food. We're, of course, referring to the sexy striptease they performed for John's fiancée.

"Well, here's Magic Mike for you guys," Nikki gleefully quipped. "Can I be a bachelorette all the time?"

Even though Nikki specifically said she didn't want strippers, Brie was pleased with herself. "My sister gave me some really strict rules, but I like to break rules. I'm a rebel," the mother of one stated to the Total Bellas cameras.

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And Nikki thoroughly enjoyed herself as she was "crying laughing" from the performance.

"To Brie and Lauren for pulling this masquerade off and, honestly, it was the best bachelorette ever," Nikki toasted after the two surprises.

"Brie definitely can be a fun mom," the engaged Bella twin later added. "'Brie Mode' is 'Brie Mom,' but 'Brie Mom' is a lot of fun."

Back in the States, Brie's husband Bryan (known professionally as Daniel Bryan) got some uplifting news. Although he was previously forced to retire due to his health, Birdie's dad announced to an elated WWE crowd that he's since been cleared to wrestle again.

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"I feel like with how quickly I was forced to retire I've had to take the future day by day," Bryan shared in a confessional. "But, they can't unannounce it. It's here, it's real, I'm cleared."

Understandably, Bryan couldn't contain his excitement about being able to wrestle again, especially since it means his daughter will be able to see him wrestle.

"I do want her to see me wrestle and I want her to be able to remember it a little bit," the WWE icon concluded. "In my perfect world, I would wrestle into my seventies."

See everything that went down on this week's episode in the recap video above!

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