This Botched Patient Recalls Being Promised a ''Really Cute, Perfect, Straight Nose''...But Got the Exact Opposite!

By Alyssa Ray Jul 18, 2018 2:30 PMTags
Watch: "Botched" Patient's Nose Injury Led to Massive Panic Attacks

Nesreen was promised a "really cute, perfect, straight nose," but ended up with a Botched job!

On Wednesday's all new episode, the California resident opens up to Dr. Terry Dubrow and Dr. Paul Nassif about the complicated relationship she has had with her nose. Thanks to a childhood accident, which involved a blindfold and a wooden pole, Nesreen's breathing was significantly impacted and caused massive panic attacks.

"Breathing is one of the basic physiologic functions and if you have an inability to breathe properly that can easily give you a panic attack," Dr. Dubrow explains to the Botched cameras.

After meeting with her personal physician, Nesreen was referred to an ENT who promised to get her "all fixed up."

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However, on the day of her surgery, the doctor never came to check on her...and that wasn't the only red flag she recalls.

"I asked the nurse if he was gonna come in and she told me, 'No. He's been doing this for so long, we don't need to come in here,'" Nesreen relays to the shocked docs. "And then she goes, 'If you're nervous go ahead and take your own medication. We'll be back in a few minutes.'"

"Right before anesthesia?" a stunned Dr. Nassif inquires.

"Wow," Dr. Dubrow adds.

Will the doctors be able to right the Botched job done to Nesreen's nose?

Hear all about Nesreen's saga in the clip above!

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