Transgender Patient Luke Hopes to Improve His Relationship by Fixing His Bad Chest Surgery on Botched

By Mona Khalifeh Jul 17, 2018 2:00 PMTags
Watch: Transgender Man Wants to Fix His "Botched" Chest

Luke's got more than himself in mind when it comes to fixing his chest.

In this clip from Wednesday's Botched season finale, transgender patient Luke seeks the doctors' help to get a chest that will improve his relationship with his boyfriend Evan.

"Being transgender in the world today is easier than it's ever been, but it's still more difficult than you could ever understand," Luke admits.

After five years of hormone therapy, Luke decided to take the next step in his transition.

"About a year or so after, my body started changing, but it wasn't enough. I knew that I needed surgery," Luke tells the doctors.

Luckily for Luke, he has a boyfriend who has been through it.

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"Evan, what did you think about Luke undergoing this process?" Dr. Terry Dubrow asks. "I mean, I had no problem with it seeing as I've undergone that same process," Evan explains.

But even with Evan's support, Luke is still a little envious of his boyfriend's results.

"If I get approved to get this surgery, it will definitely improve my relationship with Evan," Luke confesses. "He's my boyfriend and I love him and I try very hard not to be jealous of his results, but I think that with my chest, hopefully that jealousy factor can be taken out."

See Evan's consultation in the clip above!

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