Jessica Alba has her hands full with three kids and a thriving company, but there's no other way she'd rather have it.

When the entrepreneur sat down with E! News' Carissa Culiner, the mother-of-three described how the new addition to the family has made life better. "I feel like I just didn't have enough time in the day with two and I still feel that way, but I feel like we giggle a lot more," she gushed.

Her baby boy, Hayes, joined the family in December and has been warmly welcomed by his older sisters Haven, 7, and Honor, 10.

Jessica Alba, Instagram

Jessica Alba/Instagram

And luckily for Jessica, that means she has some helping hands around the house, although her youngest daughter still has some time before she can take on larger responsibilities like her older sister. "Haven I don't trust walking with him around ‘cause she is 7, but Honor can throw him on her hip and like walk around and, like do things," the Honest Beauty Founder explained.

She continued, "The kids are really into him and it's teaching them how to nurture in a way and take care of a little person. They realize that he needs so much. It's different when you have an American Girl doll and you can like throw her in the corner and keep it moving. You can't do that with a real baby."

The actress continues to act even with her busy schedule and a company to run, but she is grateful baby #3 gave her the chance to catch up on some much needed rest. "I actually really enjoyed that time, being pregnant, and just like slowing down a little bit and then having the baby and that bonding time," the star said.

Baby fever, anyone?

For more from Jessica, check out the video above and read our interview with the star and Honest Beauty Creative Color Consultant Daniel Martin right here

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