Nikki Bella Struggles to Get Into the Bachelorette Spirit on Total Bellas: ''I'm Too Old for All That''

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It's a Bella bachelorette party in Paris!

On this week's all-new Total Bellas, Nikki Bella jetted off to Paris with her family and her closest girlfriends in order to celebrate her back-on nuptials to John Cena. However, the engaged Bella twin wasn't necessarily in the bachelorette spirit.

"I used to be into the corny, typical bachelorette stuff. But, I mean, we're older now. I don't want to wear fake penises all over me, I don't want strippers," the WWE star explained. "I just, I want to get lost in Paris how every girl dreams of getting lost in Paris."

In fact, Nikki even warned maid of honor Brie Bella and their friends that she wanted to "keep it classy" in order to "fit in with the locals."

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"Please don't ruin it for me," Nikki begged Brie as they unpacked at the chateau. "I'm too old for all that s--t. I get what I did in my twenties, but I was in my twenties."

Despite being given limitations by her sister, Brie was determined to make the getaway a memorable one for everyone involved. In an attempt to liven up the "boring" bachelorette trip, Brie decided that the bride-to-be would have to follow a series of dares selected by the group.

While out at a fancy dinner, brother JJ Garcia dared Nikki to hide under a table and scare one of the unsuspecting waiters. Although John's fiancée followed through with the prank, she was thoroughly "embarrassed" and Brie couldn't have been more thrilled.

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"This is what were supposed to be doing on our bachelorette," Birdie's mom victoriously stated. "Like, this is the energy you're supposed to be feeling...This is her bachelorette party and things need to get crazy."

Still Nikki's mind was clearly elsewhere as she kept thinking about John, who was back home in San Diego. "This past week he just thought, because he had the week off in San Diego, I was gonna take a week off," Nikki confided in one of her friends. "I'm like busier than ever. So he's like, 'I was really lonely.' I saw him every morning and every evening. Emails don't end just because you want my time. It's really tough."

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"It's funny because the closer and closer I'm getting to the wedding, the more of these deep feelings that I've had over the past six years just are coming to the surface," Nikki further added to the Total Bellas cameras.

Nikki's issues became even more apparent after one FaceTime conversation with John. "I think because John's been so absent wedding planning that anything that's wedding related it just, it almost doesn't feel real," Nikki poignantly confessed. "For me, it almost feels more like a girls' trip than a bachelorette trip."

Even though John instructed Nikki to get her "bachelorette on," the Total Bellas star struggled to rally.

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Sensing Nikki's dampened spirits, Brie announced that she wanted to throw a masquerade ball at their chateau. Unfortunately, Brie's party planning had a rough start as the stylist she hired brought only lingerie. As the intended party was meant to be a lavish affair, Brie was forced to start over from scratch.

Regardless, the trip was a success for one member of the Bella bachelorette gang, as the twins' mom Kathy Colace put aside her travel fears and made it to France. In case you were unaware, Kathy was in Paris during the November 2015 terrorist attacks.

Thankfully, Kathy and JJ were able to break away from the bachelorette festivities to really work on the Bella matriarch's fears.

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During an outing in the city, the twosome befriended a Parisian local and asked him about the aftermath of the attack.

"I've always lived here, so we try to move on always," the Paris native relayed. "You shouldn't worry. The city is always safe and it will always be."

In order to further prove this point, JJ brought his mom to one of the spots of the tragic attacks. Upon visiting the Bataclan theatre, Kathy realized that she needed to not live in fear.

"It was scarring for me, I can't even imagine for these families," Kathy noted. "I just hope and I pray for them that they find peace and that they can live life again."

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