15th Time's a Charm! Accident Prone Stacie Hopes the Botched Doctors Can Finally Give Her a Nose She Likes

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Stacie may have just broken the record for most nasal surgeries the Botched doctors have ever seen, but it's not a title the accident-prone mom wants to hold.

On this week's all-new Botched, Stacie seeks the doctors' help for a 15th and final surgery to fix her nose once and for all!

"I am just a really unlucky person," Stacie confessed to the camera.

After getting hit with a basketball, Stacie's bad luck continued with a string of botched surgeries and freak accidents that led her to a grand total of 14 nasal surgeries.

"I want Dr. Nassif to say, 'I can help you with everything 100 percent,'" a hopeful Stacie said. "I'm asking for a miracle."

But, Dr. Paul Nassif turned out to be more apprehensive than optimistic.

"I think you win the record for the most nasal surgeries we've heard," Dr. Nassif and Dr. Terry Dubrow agreed. "I have to tell you, I'm scared. There's a lot of red flags and I'm scared."

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But as always, Dr. Nassif had a plan.

"So your tip has absolutely no support," Dr. Nassif explained. "You already have a wide nose. So, I'm gonna have to use cartilage to open up your nostrils, but at the same point, I gotta try to make this point here a little smaller."

Even with his plan, there were no guarantees. The skin on Stacie's nose was still at risk for dying after her 15th surgery. Despite the major risk, Stacie was willing to bet on Dr. Nassif.

And it's a bet that paid off! Stacie ended up with a strong, supported and good-looking nose.

"Before the surgery, I was told by a doctor that I looked like an avatar," Stacie revealed. "But now, Thanks to Dr. Nassif, my nose is not only structurally stable, but it looks amazing."

Body-builder and fitness enthusiast Leslie was left with a botched boob job that literally took her out of the competition.

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"During my first consultation, I showed him photos of what I really was going for, exaggerated breast implants," Leslie explained. "After I woke up from my first surgery, I saw a flat chest."

Not only was Leslie's chest flat, her implants began moving around, forcing her into a second surgery that left her with her implant in her armpit.

"With my body building competitions, there's some muscles that just cannot be worked out because I'm limited with my implant being in my armpit," a frustrated Leslie said.

Even with her botched implants, Leslie wanted to go bigger, but it was up to the doctors to decide if that was the best option for her body.

"You have a naturally very wide breast. When we do a lift and tighten the envelope, you can't tighten the width," Dr. Dubrow explained. "You're probably gonna smile a little bit about this, you do actually need a big-ish breast implant."

With the good news, Leslie was on board and ready to go under the knife, but it was what she saw when the bandages came off that was really cause for celebration.

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"Before my surgery, my implants fell into my armpit on the right and were trapped under my chin on the left," Leslie said. "But now, thanks to Dr. Dubrow, I have breasts that stay in place and I'm finally able to get back to the things that matter most to me."

Luís' idea of perfection was a bit different. The aspiring space elf visited the doctors to make a few more body modifications to attain that elf-like appearance he so greatly desired.

"I want my nose to be smaller, my jaw to be smaller and more symmetric," Luís revealed. "I'm not elfing around with being an elf."

But after taking a look at Luís' "out of this world" eyes, the doctors warned him that he may be going too far.

"After five laser procedures, you have a hole in the pupil of your eye," Dr. Dubrow cautioned. "You lose your vision, your life is irreversibly changed, forever."

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The warning seemed to be enough to prevent the space elf from furthering his ethereal appearance.

"I can live without breathing, but without my sight it would be impossible," Luís agreed. "I can't imagine my life without seeing. I will stop working. I will stop studying. I will stop doing the things I love."

It looks like being an elf isn't all it's cracked up to be after all!

See Luís' journey and more in the recap video above.

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