Nikki Bella Awkwardly Demotes BFFs From Bridesmaids to Wedding Guests on Total Bellas: ''It's Just Not Gonna Work Out''

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Watch: Nikki Bella Demotes Girlfriends From Bridesmaids to Guests

The more the merrier, right? Wrong.

Nikki Bella finds herself conflicted about her wedding plans once again in this clip from Sunday's all-new Total Bellas. Mainly, after inviting all of her close girlfriends to be in her wedding party, the engaged Bella twin realizes she doesn't even want bridesmaids!

"My sister invites our whole group of girlfriends, which is ten, to be her bridesmaids," Brie Bella explains in a confessional. "But then she quickly realized that all those girlfriends were the only girls coming to the wedding pretty much. So now she has to disinvite her best friends to be her bridesmaids."

"I wish I could have them all as bridesmaids, but it's just not gonna work out for my wedding," Nikki defends regarding her decision.

Nikki Bella and John Cena's Love Story

While Brie has taken on a lot for Nikki's wedding, she refuses to be the bearer of this particular piece of bad news. Still the WWE star stays by Nikki's side for an awkward dinner with friends Shawna and Katy.

Totally unaware of the truth bomb to come, Shawna and Katy happily catch up with Nikki about her back-on engagement.

"I still feel like I'm shocked about it. Even when he said it, and then everything happened so quick," Nikki shares with her besties. "I didn't even let it soak in like, 'Wait, John wants to have kids. Huge deal.'"

Nikki's gal pals proceed to praise the reality TV veteran for handling the whole thing in a "mature" and "grown-up" way.

Brie Bella & Birdie's Cutest Pics

"And you know, grown-ups tell the truth," Brie adds to push a confession out of Nikki.

Although the comment isn't a tactful one, it inspires John Cena's fiancée to tell her friends the truth. "Talking about being an honest I've decided that I'm not going to have bridesmaids anymore," Nikki admits.

"Like, anyone?" a shocked Shawna replies.

"Yeah," Nikki sheepishly concludes.

Watch the awkward moment go down in the clip above!

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