Neil Patrick Harris, Multimillionaire, Jokingly Solicits Birthday Gifts on Twitter

How I Met Your Mother alum and Tony winner turns 45 on Friday

By Corinne Heller Jun 13, 2018 5:35 PMTags
Neil Patrick HarrisLarry Busacca/Getty Images for Michael Kors

Will you help Neil Patrick Harris' birthday be legen...wait for it...dary?

The How I Met Your Mother alum, A Series of Unfortunate Events star and Tony winner turns 45 on Friday. On Wednesday, he took to Twitter to jokingly solicit birthday gifts, including the address of a New York City UPS Store mailbox in his profile description. He added, "Expensive and/or well thought out gifts preferred."

"What I want for my birthday, Part One: anything designed by @elonmusk, or any intel on what future technologies he's creating. Cough, cough, 2 day shipping with @amazonprimenow, cough!" he wrote. "What I want for my birthday, Part Two: a newfound resolve to meditate and focus. To calm my mind and create a space for - oh, oh! - and any new VR games for @OculusRift and/or @htcvive! VR is soooo dope, yo!"

"What I want for my birthday, Part Three: automatons. Moving mechanical marvels, either vintage or contemporary, like this from the amazing Thomas Kuntz. Awesome," he tweeted.

Neil Patrick Harris' Best Roles

"Things I want for my birthday, Part Four: a melodica," he continued. "It's a keyboard that you play by breathing into a tube on the end. Also known as a ‘blow organ' but, umm, I'm, err, probably better off calling it a melodica."

Harris, who once spent $172,500 at an auction on an original stretching portrait from Disneyland's Haunted Mansion attraction, is a multimillionaire, or at least was four years ago.

Forbes reported in 2014 that Harris had made $18 million for his work on How I Met Your Mother, for which he earned a reported $400,000 per episode, and his leading role in the Broadway musical Hedwig and the Angry Inch, as well as from an endorsement deal with American Airlines and a book deal. Neil Patrick Harris: Choose Your Own Autobiography made the New York Times best-sellers list in 2015.

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