"Extreme Surgery" Enthusiast Wants Her Lopsided Mega-Breasts Evened Out on Botched

By Alyssa Ray Jun 12, 2018 2:30 PMTags
Watch: Allegra Explains Her Growing Giant Breasts

This woman is on a quest for the perfect big breasts!

On Wednesday's all new episode of Botched, Allegra seeks out Dr. Terry Dubrow and Dr. Paul Nassif for assistance in evening out her massive chest. While the new patient isn't looking to downsize the 4,600 cc implants she currently has in her boobs, she is hoping the docs can help her with "asymmetry."

So where did Allegra's extreme breast journey start?

"At the age of 33, I got my first breast implants and they were 800 ccs," Allegra explains in a confessional. "But I was getting that boob greed a little bit. Wanted to be fuller, bigger."

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After getting countless compliments on her larger chest, Allegra turned to a website where men financially support women who want breast implants.

"When I got the second surgery, and I woke up from that, I felt like an elephant was on my chest," the plastic surgery enthusiast gleefully notes. "I loved it."

Although Allegra impressively increased her size to 1,700 ccs, she "still wasn't as big as I wanted to be."

"So I found out about a doctor that did tissue expanders where I could expand with saline and grown my implants," Allegra adds.

In five months time, Allegra was able to double her size to over 4,000 ccs. In fact, she currently has around 4,600 ccs in her breasts. Sadly, this procedure has left Allegra with a lopsided disaster.


"After the expanders were put in, I did notice that my left side sat a little bit higher and was firmer," she shares. "The more that I increase the size, the more it became apparent."

Understandably, Allegra is eager for the docs to even out her breasts without sacrificing the current size.

"So what I would love for the doctors to be able do is fix the asymmetry," Allegra concludes. "I'll be the poster child of extreme surgery, but still wear it well."

Hear all about Allegra's big boob journey in the clip above!

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