Selena Gomez Sets a Stolen Car on Fire in "Back to You"

Scott Cudmore directs the singer's silent film-inspired music video

By Zach Johnson Jun 05, 2018 3:25 PMTags

Is this what happens when fantasy and reality meet?

Selena Gomez just premiered the music video for "Back to You," directed by Scott Cudmore. It opens at a party, with a bored Gomez locking eyes with a mystery man across the room. They soon meet in private, where she asks, "Do you want to steal a car?" Without hesitation, he says yes, and so begins their journey to the countryside. "Where are we going?" the man asks her. Without a set destination, Gomez suggests visiting Italy, France, Canada, Russia and...Michigan.

After stopping in a grassy field, Gomez grows tired of picking apples and posing for Polaroids. Her paramour then sends her a paper airplane, made from a wanted poster. Gomez notices their photos on it—it turns out they're wanted for public nuisance and grand theft auto—and simply rolls her eyes. "I'm not going to jail," she shouts, later adding, "We have to burn the car."

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"What? No way!" the man protests. "That car is life."

"Jail is death!" Gomez fires back. The 25-year-old singer wastes no time setting the stolen car ablaze, horrifying her partner in crime. Aghast, he yells, "I can't believe you actually burned it!"

"Well, I'm not going to jail," Gomez tells him. "I'm not going to jail. That's so stupid!"

"You're too passionate!" the man shouts. "Where are you going?"

Storming off, Gomez says, "Back to the party!"

The camera then pans to Gomez, in her original party dress, looking bored as another guest talks her ear off. It leaves viewers to wonder: Was Gomez's road trip a fantasy or was it reality?

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