Rihanna Uses This Super-Easy Makeup Tip to Get Flirty

Here's the surprising place you should be putting highlight

By Diana Nguyen May 29, 2018 12:00 PMTags

Date makeup is a thing.

There's primer, in case the night goes long. Matte lipstick, so pigment doesn't budge. And, there's highlight, so your face can glow in all the right places.

But did you know there's a beauty technique that can be just as flirtatious as your smile? Rihanna has got this trick down.

During the L.A. reveal of the new Kilawatt Foils last week, Fenty Beauty global makeup artists Priscilla Ono and Hector Espinal shared Rihanna's personal highlight techniques, including one especially great for enhancing your allure.

While highlight is traditionally used on the high points of the face—cheekbones, cupid's bow and nose—there's a spot you're probably missing: the ears!

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"Anything that's exposed, we loving putting highlight or shimmer on," said Hector. "Anything I do on the face, I do on the ears."

Picture this: You're on a date. A small candle is lit. The low light not only glimmers across your cheek in a subtly striking way, but as you turn your head, the light reflects off your ears as well, giving you an illuminating, goddess-like glow.

"If you're flirting and you just want to [slowly tuck your hair behind an ear]," Hector suggested, it can make an impact.

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If it works for Riri on the red carpet, it's worth a try on that Tinder date, right?

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